The World’s Most Expensive Watches: 8 Timepieces Over $1 Million

We’ve all experienced sticker shock while perusing the world’s most expensive watches. There are even a few brands for which six-figure price tags are the norm — “expensive watches” by almost anyone’s definition. But a handful of luxury watches go well beyond “pricey” and into the rarefied “million dollar watch” category, i.e., costing more than $1 million. We’ve compiled eight of the world’s most expensive watches, all breaking the $1 million ceiling, in which the only things grander than the complications are the price tags.

What’s the most you’ve ever paid (or thought about paying) for an expensive watch? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie “$1 Million,” limited to only eight pieces, earns its $1 million price tag with the 1,185 baguette diamonds covering every surface of the watch, from the case and bracelet to the openworked dial. For the case alone, a 15-person team had to perform 1,800 hours of cutting and 200 hours of dimensional checking and quality control. Certainly one of the most expensive watches ever made by Hublot.

Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie "$1 Million"
Million Dollar Watches: Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie “$1 Million”

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor finds its way to the million-dollar watches list thanks to its case, which is made entirely of silicon (according to the brand, the first such watch of its kind), a material with half the weight of titanium and four times the hardness. The Quatour — yes, the most expensive watch produced to date by Roger Dubuis — is equipped with the RD101 movement, notable for its four sprung balances, which work in pairs to compensate for the effects of gravity much faster than a tourbillon would, resulting in a more accurate watch. The Excalibur Quatuor is priced at 1 million Swiss francs (which translates to roughly around $1,125,000 U.S.).

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor
Million Dollar Watches: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie has a retail price of $ 1,474,070. The watch boasts 1,300 parts, which make it capable of playing the entire Big Ben chiming sequence. It was released in 2009 as part of the Hybris Mechanica 55 trilogy, a trio of very expensive watches that comprised 55 complications altogether.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie
Million Dollar Watches: Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie

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136 Responses to “The World’s Most Expensive Watches: 8 Timepieces Over $1 Million”
  1. sir Russell hallett

    Quite divine selection.they are maybe a little too much for even my exquisite finest piece is a 1942 Rolex ,that cost £102,090 at southerbys auction in 1982.

  2. Who cares if they tell the time? They are, a statement of the individuals cash worth. I collect watches and would if i could buy one of these artworks. (The wife wont let me remortagage the house or use the kids college fund lol)
    Its mo different to driving a rolls royce or owning a Picasso.

  3. Matthew Nguyen

    I was surprised that there wasn’t a Patek watch on the list. Also, I’m surprised that the Lange costs 2 million. I don’t see it costing 2 million. I see that Lange going for maybe in the hundred thousands max.

  4. Ronnie Robinson

    Nice watches but cost to much.i would ra t her help a poor person

  5. Virgil Howarth

    Even if I could afford a watch in this price class, it would not be any of these. Poor taste and vulgar excess is most evident in the majority of them ( the Lange and VC being the exception).

    I guess I’m still satisfied with my 1962 Connie Pie Pan. Mid priced Seiko and Citizen watches do me just fine.

  6. Either Expensive or Cheap Watch…
    They have the same TIME…
    When people ask you what is theTime on different watch?
    Would you mention the Price? Or the Exact Time?

    • My $30.00 Casio Atomic is accurate to within 1 second every few million years or so.


    Waqt to her watch batati hai, par aachi aur costly watch insaan ka waqt batati hai.

  8. khutso mosedame

    If ever that watch has GPS,DVD, phone,stove,fridge and chains to secure it on me,i wont mind,until then,i will just look and be surprised.

  9. Im not goin to buy a watch for 1 m.I rather donate it to people who need it..

  10. I have a cheap sports watch it tells the time, the day, the date, it has a stop watch and an alarm I don’t give a damn how many mechanisms a watch has all it needs to do is tell the time and it only cost $20

  11. I’m saving up for that Lange & Sohne :) Does not look waterproof though, so if I forget and wear it into the shower, guess I will have to get it replaced.

    I am making do with my Pebble, Citizen, and Tudor Snowflake (and saving up, saving up…..

  12. Fatima

    I love all the watches in this page. I love to collect them too. Sadly $$$$

  13. mohamed salama

    Hello all
    what you think about the Hamilton , i just got one it is the newest member to my collection .

  14. Shawn Paul

    Indeed the Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie is worth $1million. Its all about passion for the luxury timepieces. Bought a Hublot 3yrs earlier an awesome experience and loving the company. I had bought the watch from one of the trusted dealers with guarantee. Haven’t faced a single problem till date.



  15. RM Any day, the sapphire cases are amazing, only 5 produced so I would be happy just to see one some day. The AL&S is amazing too but RM is well… Its an RM..

  16. it is all a matter of choice and priority, some might love their Seiko or Citizen Quartz watch great watches for the money, I myself own an Oris Cralos Coste LE and a Hamilton Xwind and that is it ! I alternate them and I love them both watches sell for under $5K, so keeps the wife happy and I am able to spend money on my other passion GOLF……Different stroke for different folks

    enjoy life….it goe by fast

  17. If one of this million dollar watches includes a blowjob once a day its worth the spend… ppl don’t argue on the prices. Its just passion for some ones. If you work for 2.000 $ a month om your mc donalds job … you have a 100$ watch … a ugly girlfriend and you often make handjobs. If u have 1000 million $ fortune and you are rich you own a bugatti a hotel and a million $ watch.

    • You are Right Mario… Let’s do something for the poor People who can’t have Food even everyday… It’s a sin to Dream even to possess these watches …. Donate for Earthquake Victims of Nepal instead…

  18. Sadly, or so I sometimes conclude, I am an addict. Yes I admit it. I should book into watches anonymous… If there were such a group. There should be as I am sure there are thousands of horilogical freaks out there. Sad but true.

    In stark contrast it seems that this article has also attracted the disdain of many having very little if any knowledge of horology. In turn this lack of understanding has resulted in some sad responses.

    For me, well I would love to be able to afford what for many of us is entirely unaffordable and will never be. However this doesn’t stop me from looking at watch articles online and in magazines 365 days a year.

    I own a nice array of watches with the most expensive around 16k. IWC, Oris, Mido, Nick hacko, Longines, Frederique Constant, Brera, Glycine, Ebel, Ritmo Mundo, Seiko, Maurice Lacroix, U boat, Baume et Mercier, to name a few.

    I am far from wealthy rather I expend on a passion. That I can’t afford a 1m dollar watch does little to quash my enthusiasm for achieving such Heights in horology. I am a realist though and as much as I love how manufacturers push the design envelope, should I have that sort of money to spend on toys I would invest in various supercars.

    I would love a Patek, A Lange etc, and maybe one day I will be able to afford say a $30 40k watch. But I believe for the average enthusiast there has to be a limit.

    I am not and will never be in the league of the rich and famous. I am middle class and sadly this has resulted in very few of my peers ever recognizing or in fact understanding the quality of watch I am wearing.

    So let’s give the wealthy their due. If they can afford such watches I applaud them for gaining the wealth to do so. If You can’t afford such expensive tastes, stay away from things you don’t understand. Don’t waste your comments as they are not welcome.

    Leave horology freaks like me to enjoy our passion. You go and enjoy your passion and we won’t take pot shots at what you love.

    • wolf2188

      I understand where you are coming from. I would sell my Grandmother into slavery to be able to own one of those watches. I am also a watch freak. I own probably twenty watches and I still look at the newest innovations of watches. my biggest love is Skelton watches. we can dream cant we?

  19. Ngawang Tsering

    It May be a brilliant piece of art but the truth is, its waste of energy and money….

  20. Problem is they look no different than a $500 watch. Nobody is going to think those diamonds are real. So I am not buying them.

  21. Incredibile watches and hands on to those masterminds who created them. To all those who complain about the cost of these watches I can only say that the words ” affordable” and ” expensive” are relative to your income. Thank God there are people who can buy these watches and in order for them to buy you need a genius to design them and another genius to execute!!! If this does’nt happen the world will turn flat!!!!!

  22. Why are we worried about expensive watch. Expensive in which sense? For sure is he not more expensive than this watch?

    By the way let us not devalue ourselves. We are the most expensive nature and let us exercise our right in fear of God.

    thank u.

  23. What the hell ever happened to watches telling time? I don’t give a crap what the time in China is or what the temperature is I wanna know the damn time.

  24. what about this: Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175 ($2.6 million)
    it was released in november prior to this article published date.

  25. I’m a Nigerian, i think buying this ostentatious product is implausible sorry to say. The product is good and well packed, thanks for the job well done. But i’ll love to tell you this that you can still earn your money if you present this to a good national museum/ national theatre and nine you, the government can only be convinced only if are creative too in show casing what you have. To say but few i don’t think a good rational homo economicus will love to spend his money on a product like this. well i still see another opportunity in it, if you know you (individuals) you have the money that you feel is getting too much for what your private or company accounts can accomodate, then you can go for it and store it with your bank as valuable deposits under the agreement of receiving interest at a certain rate. Thanks

  26. Those of you who’re dissing mechanical watches don’t have our passion for horology, and that’s cool; to each their own. ( 1 ) It’s a great hobby. ( 2 ) One doesn’t have to be a multimillionaire to collect; many mechanical watches can be had for the price of a good quartz watch, less in many instances. (3) Quartz watches have no soul.

  27. In addition to give accurate time & date, my mobile phone let me make phone calls and sent text message, plays music & movies, take photos & video, accesses the internet, shows map & direction, translate foreign languages…….

    Just matter of time before Apple/Google/Samsung finally come out with an e-watch that will put 90% of the watchmakers out of business. Of course these high-end watchmakers will still be around, making these luxury watches for people with too more money………….

  28. I have a watch worth of 50 USD which also give me the same time as these damn expensive watches give.

    • Your 50 USD watch does not not have four escapement mechanisms or the world’s longest minute repeater tune though. How very narrow minded of you.

      • Narrow minded or otherwise, it still gives the same time…. Just like my 20 year old Seiko…

        • your watch tells you the time only, if you own the expensive watches then that tells you where you are in life!!!!

          • LOL!! So you are saying the more expensive the watch,where you are in “life”?

            It just amazes me how many stupid people there are….

          • I have to agree with you Ralph!!!!beyond STUPID its Narcissism!

          • My watch croaked a couple yrs ago. Didn’t bother to replace it. My Samsung phone does as much(and lots more) as any million dollar watch. Can barely read the dials on most of these watches. This is how the arrogant display their wealth

    • Well said kashif. I bought a beautiful Rolex a few years ago, £8000, after a few months I looked at this watch and used to think all watches “just tell you the time”, nothing more, nothing less!

    • Haters are gonna hate.. But that’s not a problem in my life I have a couple of Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie love em!!

  29. theslickone

    I really wanted to buy the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor, but they refused to ship it to me in florida for free. I just got angry and bought a timex at walmart. lol

  30. MeyerLanski

    wow no mention of the Patek Philippe sky moon tourbillion grand complications with engraving series white gold,rose gold,and platinum they start at 1.3mill$ and go up to 1.7mill$ and that 5mill$ Hublot those watches definitely deserve at least a honorable mention really cool and very expensive timepieces look them up and check them out the Patek Philippe series is for sale on Jameslist the Hublot just popped on a Google search

  31. Emlanis

    My watch addiction brought me here. I want to know more secret of watches apart from telling time. But a poor young Nigerian like me doesn’t even have the wealthy being of dreaming to own any of these watches. LOL! Proud to own a less expensive Western and Breitling watches though

  32. Julius Ondoga

    Its really a personal choice if you wanna buy a million dollar watch or go provide relief aid or facilities in for destitutes who are going hungry around the world and those begging from shopping malls across the world.

  33. Peter U

    My most expensive watch purchase was an Emporio Armani ,automatic watch with a power reserve indicator, that cost $500. I then also purchased a watch winder for it, to be able to wear my other watch as well that I own without having this one stop.

    By the way, how can one tell the time with the Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 watch ?

  34. MrTissot

    I’ll have the VC, JLC, Lange and Roger Dubuis in that order thanks :)

  35. Watchguy79

    I think all are amazing, been in this for 8 years and grows stronger every day. The RM saph are amazing, so is the AL&S, I used to be into cars now would drop $2mil on a watch over a car any day. Works of art you can enjoy everyday. I look forward to more RM Sapphires, maybe the aerodyne saph cased up one day!! Or smoked saph!!

  36. These watches, if nothing else, illustrate just how relative everything is, wealth not excepted.

    What is inexpensive to a billionaire, is expensive to a millionaire. What is reasonable for a millionaire, is expensive for the middle class. What is everyday cost for the middle class is a large chuck of change for the poor. And so it goes.

    Who am I to judge how a billionaire spends their money?

    Relatively speaking, if a billionaire spends over a million dollars on a watch, it is but a small fraction of their wealth. Just like if I but a new Swatch, it is small change to me but too much for somebody who earns less than me.

    So it is all relative.

    All this said, my lovely wife recently bought me a Rolex Submariner, green face version, fantastic watch, for our 3oth anniversary, bless her soul. That was a cool $9k before taxes. As for me, I bought her a 1 carat yellow diamond wedding set that she fell in love with. So we’re even I suppose. ‘-)

    But the whole thing is is that it’s all relative and not worth getting upset or envious or lustful or….

    BTW, I don’t feel rich thougfh some undoubtedly would say I am.

  37. Very nice super complicated timepieces that would be very cool to own.However given my background and my upbringing even if I did make it big the most I would be willing to blow on any watch would be 1000 to maybe 2000 usd.Both of my parents grew up in the mid-west US during the depression on farms and were taught early to work hard and not spend on frivalous bs.My dad worked for years as a machinist before retirement and my mother was a nurse.I think I would by something like that and then auction it off to raise money for some worth while charity.Like Dana Farber or some homeless shelter.To me way to much going on with these pieces.Being an ex military man I look at watches as functional tools.My grail is not one of these but something like a simple military Hamilton or a nice clean 17 j three hand Omega from the 1960s.

    • Citizens are nice and cheap. Eco driven lower end, mid priced. I believe in being economical also. Your comment resonated. We must help others.

  38. bernard cheong

    Everyone should be entitled a say. I will not remark negatively to another’s passion for pursuing an object, skill or even a bottle of spirits. It will simply reduce life back to “practical” commitments. If one enjoys showing off, or educating his pals, and it will require a remarkable piece of work to “make people gasp”.
    These works will often involve huge spectacular sums of money.
    Why do people not scoff at wine, violins, canvass art, performances, and etc?
    Hypocrisy, lack of understanding, and a possibility of making a fool of oneself.
    But…in the world of watchmaking, the lines are grey. It brings out the most envy, hatred, and all the bad things I can think of.
    Why not let the industry run its course?
    I feel it has the same rights as collecting of stamps or cars….passion, and that life is more than maths, logic and “success”/status.
    To be fair, I was one of Watchtime’s topics back in 2004 March.
    It was a different world.
    Today, I drive a 991 and I certainly can be googled, to reveal the 3 Greubel Forsey’s I own and more.
    Am I a status hungry, boastful person? Yes..maybe…I don’t know.
    Do I feel guilty?
    Am I going to change the world? Naaah.
    I just mind my own business. Which is to make sick people well. I am a doctor.
    These extraordinary things mean nothing to most. It means a lot to collectors.
    It also has a chance to provide jobs to millions of people in the same or related industries.
    I may be wrong.

  39. soleman raaj

    we can donate the money for people,don’t waste your money for this watch,think for the worlds futures…

  40. Quinton Zulu

    these are way too cheap for me I’m very disappointed with the extremely low prices

  41. Ravi Sharma

    I bought most expensive watch yesterday, do you think how much.. it’s only 2$…..
    I don;t think we should through money on just time piece.
    why don;t we spend the money to poor ppl, rather than spend to expensive goods..
    Although wishes can never be stop even you become the richest person in the world,
    but if you want to live your life limited money is sage

    • well said dude even though the world’s richest man Mr.bill gates is wearing a 10$ watch

  42. murtala bello

    This just wast of money why pple are suffering daying dayout.

  43. Adrian Alejandro

    I will pay for it one day as much as you want for it! reason being is because I betieve good people need it, and we all have a right to dream b1g, this is coming from a guy that dosent even have 1 dollar in his pocket,-Dreams come true

  44. How many of you who say It’s a waste of money to purchase a time piece, that may take 6 months of hand crafting to finish,take your children to a Museum & tell them ,what works of art are hanging on the walls there & how great they are or you wish some of these were hanging on your wall at home? Many of the very smart people who create these fantastic small works of art art just as awesome as many of the great painters who are considered a Genius. Many people spend hours under a microscopes to create their great watches. When I visited a Rolex factory, I watched them work & the eyestrain they have to endure everyday Is more than I’d like to deal with. If I had the means to buy a Million dollar Patek, I would In a minute & I’d be wearing a genuine master piece o my wrist. Instead ,I’ll settle for my Gold Rolex divers watch. I’m very happy with the watch I’m wearing now.

  45. Joseph

    I would not consider wearing an extremely expensive watch outside of the house for fear of losing or damaging it. Watches of that nature should be treated as works of art. The most expensive watch I wear outside the house cost $17,000.

  46. mivenho

    I would be scared to death to actually wear one of these outside unless I had an irresistible obsession for self-promotion . Instead, I would treat it as a stunning work of art, engineering and manufacturing by showcasing it safely behind four walls for others to admire. I hope it wouldn’t be diminished by treating it in this manner!

  47. Wooderson420

    I can appreciate luxury timepieces even if I can’t afford them, but the ones driven up in value by being diamond-encrusted are just plain ugly & tasteless.

  48. i am going to buy one of them, it is really cheep and gentel. i am from saudi arabia the country of oil .

  49. jaykosalem

    All the million dollar plus watches look great and i wish i could afford them. Problem is, they tell the same time as the $20 watches. They’re also a bit difficult to read with their intricate background designs.

  50. Hormazdiyaar

    I agree. Lange tops my list too. Heard the video recently and it has one of the most melodious strikes. Truly a piece of art.

  51. Martin R W

    The Hublot is a seriously horrible watch.
    I can only imagine who would wear such a watch!?

    • Knicky

      Only a rich but brainless people will buy it… Even if I had a trillion dollars I won’t spend on such thing…

      • martianpackets

        Only a rich but brainless people will buy it? I suggest you delete your post, learn English, then post it again. You’ve made yourself look “brainless” by posting such a terribly grammatically, compositionally and syntactically incorrect string of words.

        • fastfras

          Most impressive however, where would one wear such and expensive piece of jewelry or artwork? There are times when I worry about wearing an expensive (to me anyway) watch around town. Anyway, just took an inventory of my nicest watches – total cost is under 10K. I suspect a cleaning / maintenance for the above stated watches would be about 10k!

          C’mon Marty, lighten up. Clearly Knicky uses English as a second language give him his due, I certainly wouldn’t comment to a forum hablamos Espanol. Karma is a bitch…

  52. Mark Benny

    As a retired mech engineer I have a great appreciation for all fine watches. Some I’ve been able to buy, but others I just admire. For those whose want to use this as a soapbox, please take it somewhere else.

    • martianpackets

      Hmm… have you ever been able to buy any of the watches listed here? I have to agree, overall these watches are amazingly featured and engineered, just by reading the descriptions and looking at the pictures.

  53. Watchguy79

    T.s. Garp

    I respectfully disagree and on the surface without knowing much about fine watchmaking that is a rational comment. I agree on the Hublot ( first time piece listed with diamonds) the rest 99.5% of the world would not know they are worth millions if dollars. They are art and if you know what goes into making something that small you would agree. The purist watch collector does not want flashy and bling on their watches and is more interested in a highly finished and thought out movement. These are no different than paintings or cars. There are only a handful of people in the world who could come close to doing this, hence why there are only 1 or two in existence so far of each. Trust me you are wrong in your assumption. If the shallow guy wants to show off he could get 15 hideous diamond covered Rolexes for a price of one Richard mille 56-01. Did you know each sapphire case takes one factory 8 months to construct? There are easier and more simple ways to make something and show off.

    My fav would be the Richard mille and A Lange & Sohne.

  54. writerfred

    Fortunately, I have neither agenda nor opinion. I simply enjoy seeing the extraordinary while admiring the works from creative and exacting craftsmen. Thank you WatchTime for making that possible.

  55. ioancio alex

    From horology point of view in my opinion VC, LS and JLC are worthwhile , the rest are technically peculiar things called watches.

  56. Steve Cseplo

    Hum, a Greubel Forsey’s Art Piece 1 for CHF 1.5 million. And you can’t even tell the time with it.

    Ah, to have such disposable income.

    If I had the resources, an Urwerk, somewhere in the $300k range, would be up for consideration.

    But that is dreaming.

    • martianpackets

      I was thinking the same thing — I am glad I am not alone — how in the world do you tell time with Greubel Forsey’s Art Piece 1? I think since former Microsloth CEO Steve Ballmer just agreed to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for 2 billion dollars (sorry Clippers, if he runs the team the way he ran Microsoft then yer in for a mega losing streak), the least they could do is throw in the Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 as a bonus — like Windows 8, no one seems to know how to operate it correctly to make it do anything useful! *chuckle chuckle snort guffaw*

      The nanosculpture is pretty cool though — not quite worth 1.6 million dollars, but cool.

  57. stop it people, some people like me appreciate fine works of art, the value you give these masterpieces of art is a infuriating, especially with the detail that is put into each one and the beauty and value, leave you pests and stop being hypocrites

  58. I have a Gold Rolex Sub, which I wear when I Scuba dive, when I wear black Tie or Jeans. I’ve visited the Rolex factory & seen how much detail goes Into producing my Sub & I love It. I’ve though about purchasing a Patek, but I spend time In the Ocean, fishing & diving a lot Rolex takes a lot more use & I don’t have to worry about It. In the list, you don’t mention the Patek Sky Moon Tourbillion. If I had the extra funds to purchase any fine timepiece In the world, The Sky moon Is the one I’d want.

    • T. S. Garp

      Seriously people, and I note that you are all men……….get a life. These pieces are not art they are status symbols to prove wealth or the size of your manhood. If its small (and take your pick as to which) my guess is that your ego tells your rather small brain that you need a more expensive watch.

      • Peter U

        As a previous person made this comment as well ,that aside from the diamond watch, no one is going to recognize these watches . So how will it be a status symbol if only the wearer knows it’s value ?

  59. Dennis Ang

    my dream watch…. RM 56-01 Richard Mille’s !
    So cool ………………….Love it!

  60. JB wins. He had the right answer. Artists need to create. Would you buy a Monet if you had the money or would you say that the work was created by a wastrel that should have spent his time feeding the hungry masses. Creative people create things that do exactly that. They took us out of the dark ages and into the industrial revolution. Some people say that people were closer to nature and they lived better before that period of time. Think about how long it took to make a shirt during that period of time.

  61. Peace

    Capitalism at it’s best. C’mon Europe you cant afford wasting time and money for these useless pieces, make your economy better and give jobs to your unemployed.

  62. el magnelle

    lol all of these watch can be replicate by China in less than a day, sold less than 200$ . 55 complcations ?? lol

  63. james

    Wait until you become very rich and you would realize how easy it is to do away with 2 million dollars.
    Watches are status symbols. they tell a lot about your person without the need of a publicist.

  64. To those that are disgusted. These are meant to showcase what is possible.

    They are engineering and (intended) artistic masterpieces made with staggering precision, attention to detail, and passion.

    They are essentially mechanical works of art (unless you believe that art can have no function other than itself).

    They are also bought by the odd billionaire. If the billionaires are made to pay their taxes, and donate appropriately / engage in philanthropy (as many do), there is nothing disgusting or grotesque about them.

    Go and pick another soap box for your cause.

  65. Horrifically ugly watches,the only one I’d consider wearing is the last one!Utter waste of money I’d rather have a Bugatti Veyron for the same money!

    • fastfras

      Likely they already own a Veyron… Personally I’d opt for a Carrera GT.

  66. Jed Burridge

    A disgraceful and vulgar display of wealth when so many are suffering in the world.

    If you can afford one of these then use the money to help others.

  67. Henry

    Outside telling us the time,what else those these watches do?

    • Hey Henry Outside telling time, those watches give U another status in the society … When U wear one of those, people see U as a rich guy and it builds up a respect for U.

      Believe me, I know what I’m talking about !!

  68. Something somewhat grotesque about there being a watch that costs a million bucks in a world where children starve to death.

  69. I particularly enjoyed the Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’Ile, it’s a beautiful watch.

    I bought a Patek Philippe 5119J Calatrava, that’s my most expensive wristwatch. When the moment came to “pay up” I became rather subdued at the thought of the expenditure, but the subsequent pleasure of wearing it on special occasions has made it all worthwhile.

  70. Debashish Das

    Fantastic Watches but ultra-expensive for ordinary folks! We can only admire from far!

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