Watch Brand Pronunciation

Not long ago, Lynn Miner, a reader of WatchTime magazine, wrote with a watch brand pronunciation request: would we publish a guide on how to pronounce all those nettlesome watch-brand names? Other quite similar reader questions we at WatchTime have received were more specific: how to pronounce Tag Heuer? How to pronounce Tissot? How to pronounce Longines? How to pronounce Ulysse Nardin? How to pronounce Ralph Lauren? How to pronounce Hublot? And, of course, the more difficult watch brand pronunciation questions: how to pronounce Audemars Piguet, Louis Vuitton, Vacheron Constantin or Jaeger-LeCoultre? As most of the brands come from Switzerland, France, Italy and Asia, oftentimes the pronunciation of watch brands and watch models is extremely difficult for English-speaking watch collectors.

Therefore all your watch brand pronunciation questions will be answered on this watch brand pronunciation page. We hope the following watch brand list, with phonetic spellings on the right, helps our reader Lynn Miner and tongue-twisted watch fans everywhere to pronounce their favorite watch brands. Please let us know of a brand is missing on this list. We will update this watch brand pronunciation guide frequently.

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