Watch the 2-Part Documentary on the History of the Fifty Fathoms

Produced by Blancpain and directed and written by Jeffrey Kingston, Fifty Fathoms: The History as Told by the Pioneers Who Created It goes behind-the-scenes and details the origin of the emblematic Fifty Fathoms, the world’s first modern dive watch:

The Fifty Fathoms embodies Blancpain’s passion for the underwater world. Introduced in 1953, it marked the creation of the first modern diver’s watch. All Fifty Fathoms models bear the principal distinctive characteristics that forged the reputation of their legendary ancestor and established it as the archetypal diver’s watch. The same professionalism can be seen in the decisive choices, dictated by long experience of diving, its risks and its essential needs.


Part 1:

Part 2:

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