iPad iPhone Support Page

The iPad and iPhone app of WatchTime is enhanced with audio, video, photo galleries, links to past content, web links, and more. Read the app issues on and off-line. A full news archive is included in the iPhone app version, with a fully optimized usability and an offline mode. Did you know? All iPad and iPhone issues are free for All Access subscribers

1. Where can I download the WatchTime iPad/iPhone app?
Download the app from the app store.

2. I’m an All Access subscriber, how do I access WatchTime on my iPad/iPhone?
Please go to our All Access Support page

3. Where do I find my App ID or subscription number?
To access your App ID: in your iPad or iPhone app:
a) open the app
b) click the ‘i’ button
c) save the code shown in the App ID box; that’s your App ID

To access your subscription number: that’s the number starting with 00 (zero zero) on the label printed to your WatchTime issue’s cover. You can also find the subscription number at the top of your invoice letter. If you can’t find the number please call or customer service at 1-888-289-0038 or 973-627-5162 or send an e-mail: [email protected]

4. How can I download single WatchTime issues that I’ve already bought?
a) update your app (download the newest app version)
b) open the app
c) click on ‘buy’ next to the issue; you do not have to pay again – ‘buy’ simply activates your issue.
d) enter your iTunes password; if you have previously purchased the issue you will receive a notice
e) tap “OK” to download the issue at no cost, then tap “download”

5. I have updated my app, now all previously bought issues of WatchTime are lost?
To reactivate previously bought issues in a new app you need your App ID (see question no. 3 to learn where to find your App ID).

a) open the app
b) click on the ‘i’ button
c) click on ‘App ID’
d) click on ‘Restore all Newsstand purchases’
e) enter your iTunes password

6. I have lost my subscription number or App ID. Can you help me?
Please send us your name, address and subscription package info (print, All Access or iPad only) to [email protected] 

7. My question has not been answered, how can I contact you directly?
Before contacting us, please make sure to do the following:
a) your iOS software is the most current version (Settings>About>Version on your iOS device)
b) you’re using the most current version of WatchTime’s iOS app
c) you have saved the App-ID of your WatchTime app

Now, contact us at [email protected] and describe your problem precisely.