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WatchTime is an award-winning luxury watch magazine based in New York City, and a founding member of the Watch Experts Excellence Network:

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WatchTime’s watch magazine products reach a monthly audience of more than 600,000 watch collectors. WatchTime is the most successful watch magazine in North America and one of the leading watch magazines globally. WatchTime is the world’s only watch magazine with two FOLIO Fame Awards for excellence in media events, seven Digital Magazine Award nominations, a SmartCEO Future 50 Award as well as two Mequoda Rocket Award nominations for outstanding digital audience growth and an Apex Award for excellence in electronic media.

WatchTime is the best-selling watch magazine in North America, it sells more copies of every issue than all its competitors combined. WatchTime is the no. 1 watch magazine on tablets with the largest presence of any watch magazine on the American market (with watch magazine editions for devices such as the iPad, Android TabletsNook and Kindle), the no. 1 on social media and it has one of the fastest-growing watch websites of the world. WatchTime also hosts the USA’s leading watch collector event series.


WatchTime Global Editions

WatchTime Global Editions


WatchTime and its sister magazines are available in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and India. Together they form the world’s leading watch magazine family. Our website, www.watchtime.com, hosts the world’s largest watch database with more than 22,000 watches; managed by a dedicated team of database specialists. There’s a watch blog with new daily updates on all things watches. And there’s a Reference Center with several guides and facts for watch experts. WatchTime was founded in New York City in 1999 by the Ebner Publishing Group of Ulm, Germany. Ebner is a diversified publishing company and Europe’s leading publisher of consumer watch magazines.

WatchTime, watchtime.com, Inside Basel.Geneva and IBG are protected through trademark registration in the United States and in the foreign countries where WatchTime magazine circulates.


WatchTime's Publisher

WatchTime’s Publisher: Dominik Grau

Dominik Grau, WatchTime’s pubisher, about Watchtime: “This year WatchTime celebrates its 15th anniversary. What started as a small watch magazine in 1999 has become what some regard as the world’s best watch magazine. One of those is Sidin Vadakut, a journalist with Mint, a leading business newspaper in India, who has no connection to WatchTime other than as a Reader. In 2012, he wrote in Mint: “For more than a decade, Joe Thompson and his team have produced arguably the most influential watch Magazine in the world. With an unmatched Reputation for editorial independence, WatchTime is where connoisseurs and collectors go for an honest, educated opinion.”

Today we are making WatchTime’s worldrenowned independence and expertise the centerpiece of one of the world’s leading media platforms for watch collectors. We’re not just a Magazine anymore. It is a testament to the great workof our editorial team that WatchTime has skillfully mastered the transformation from a small print publication to a large multi-channel mediabrand. That team is led by Editor-in-Chief Joe Thompson, who has 37 years’ experience covering the watch world. Behind the magazine you hold in your hands now stands a wide range of editorial products that together reach more than
600,000 readers every month. As publisher of WatchTime, I am extremely proud of what our team has accomplished.

Here’s why:
• WatchTime sells more print copies than any competitor by far.
• WatchTime has more subscribers than any competitor by far.
• WatchTime’s per-issue sales of our digitally enhanced tablet edition are more than any other watch magazine in the world by far.
• WatchTime.com has the most social media followers of any American watch magazine.
• WatchTime.com has one of the world’s highest timepiece-newsletter subscriber bases.
• WatchTime.com is one of the world’s fastestgrowing watch websites.
• WatchTime hosts America’s leading events for watch collectors, Inside Basel.Geneva, in conjunction with our partner Jeff Kingston.

At a time when many magazines, including watch magazines, are declining, WatchTime has dramatically increased its audience thanks to initiatives we’ve made in digital publishing. Since 2011, the number of visitors to our website has grown by 700 percent; our digital subscriber
base by 800 percent and our newsletters by more than 900 percent. The result is that today WatchTime reaches a diverse array of watch collectors:
our social media audience is on average 29 years old; our website audience is 38 years old on average. Readers of the digitally enhanced tablet edition of the magazine are on average 45 years old and the average age of our print Magazine readers is 54 years old.

One of the most interesting facts about our digital readership is that almost 50 percent of our website visitors go to WatchTime.com on their cellphones. Lastly, while in 1999 there was only one edition of WatchTime, we now also publish editions in South America, the Middle East and India as well as in North America.

Finally, dear readers, I want to thank you for all the support you have given us over the years. We are excited about all the opportunities that are
unfolding for us in the new multi-platform media world. We look forward to serving you for many more years in many more ways.”