IWC Watch Test: WatchTime Reviews the IWC Portuguese Yacht Club

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The Yacht Club was IWC’s most popular model of the late 1960s and 1970s. Today, enthusiasts of IWC Schaffhausen have a new model: The IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph, easily one of the sportiest IWC Portuguese models. WatchTime tested this most nautical of IWC watches, and you can read all the results in our free article, in which WatchTime’s experts discover the strengths and weaknesses of this IWC watch.

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IWC Schaffhausen resurrected the Yacht Club in a new chronograph version and incorporated it into its Portuguese collection. Like other IWC Portuguese models, the Yacht Club has a big case, Arabic numerals and a railroad-track-style-minutes ring. Unlike other IWC Portuguese watches, it has an array of sailing-themed features: push-pieces shaped like bollards, a seafaring red-and-white color scheme and luminous hands and markers that can be read even in a thick, offshore fog. The Yacht Club is the first IWC Portuguese model to be fitted with Caliber 89360,developed in-house by IWC Schaffhausen. What’s special about this caliber? Find out in this free article!

This IWC watch has also a flyback function: with a single push of the push-piece, you can make the chrono hands return to zero and instantly start timing another interval. But how accurate is the watch when the chronograph is running? We find out.

How water-resistant is this seaworthy IWC Portuguese? And how is it priced compared to other IWC watches? If you want to learn more about this special IWC watch or if you’d like to expand your knowledge about IWC watches, download the free article and get technical specs, prices and WatchTime’s final score.

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This promotional article was originally published on September 24, 2103, and has been updated.

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