The Fun Factor of the Ferragamo Secret

In all honesty, I usually am not one to quickly review a watch born from fashion and fitted with a quartz movement, but the Ferragamo Secret watch is the exception to this rule. The uncommon timepiece reminds me of the 1980s, when subtle and creative watches by fashion brands added something relevant to the horological scene. Over the following years, bold logos and brand names took over, screaming for attention in the hope that those who see it perceive the owner as somebody with taste and means.

In that light is the Ferragamo Secret— a breath of fresh air. The brand name is fairly subtle, engraved on both the case cover and the clasp. The watch is designed to be worn as a bracelet, with a five-link design that fits comfortably around the wrist. At the front, a press on the crown will open the case cover, under which a sunburst-decorated dial tells the time. This makes the Ferragamo Secret watch the perfect timepiece for those who prefer a more understated jewelry style, without an obvious dial taking away all the attention.

The design comes from Ferragamo’s Creative Director, Maximilian Davis, and is available in three different versions. The full stainless steel version features a red dial, the two-tone a silver one, and the one with the full yellow gold IP coating a green one. All the versions have a red cabochon set in the crown and are powered by a Ronda quartz movement. These watches are the prequel to an expansion of the collection that is said to take the Ferragamo Secret to watch into an even more exclusive territory.

The prices start at €1,350 for the stainless steel model, with the steel/gold being €50 more expensive, and with the full IP coated yellow gold model adding €100. While the Ferragamo Secret Watch is well-made and original, these are still serious prices for a quartz-powered stainless steel watch. That being said, the Ferragamo name will have its attraction to more fashion-inclined watch enthusiasts, and the design does have a timeless appeal, along with its fun factor.

For more info, visit Ferragamo, here.

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