RGM is an American watch manufacture. RGM was founded in 1992 by watchmaker Roland G. Murphy who still leads the company. RGM is most famous for manufacturing in-house calibers, it also manufactures other watch parts and cases. RGM is one of the few independent watch brands that offers grand complication watches. Among the collections are the RGM Chronograph, RGM American Made, RGM Pilot, RGM Specialty, RGM Classic, RGM Grand Complications. Popular watches include the RGM 300, RGM PS 801, RGM 801, RGM 160, RGM 250, RGM MM2 Tourbillon, RGM 350E. RGM watches for sales can be found at certified retailers. Some collectors also look for used RGM watches. Please read our RGM watches review prior to a purchase, we also have the latest RGM watches price information on our watch database.

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Highlight Watches From WatchTime’s IBG 2014 Watch Collector Events

Breguet Tourbillon QP

The sponsoring luxury watch brands for WatchTime's "Inside Basel.Geneva" series of watch collector events have really strutted their stuff this year. As noted by WatchTime's IBG event partner, watch collector and aficionado Jeff Kingston, not only did each brand have a broad selection from its collection on display at the opening event in Chicago — far broader than you'd ever find at a boutique or other retailer — but key new watch models from SIHH and Baselworld that won’t be in stores … [Read more...]

Horology Comes to Steeltown: Kobold’s Spirit of America

Michael Kobold of Kobold Watch Co.

In WatchTime's March-April 2009 issue, we presented a profile of Pittsburgh-based Kobold Watch Company and the story behind its U.S.-made Spirit of America watch, which brand founder Michael Kobold proudly launched in 2008. Scroll down to read the story and see photos of the watch. … [Read more...]

Press Release: WatchTime E-Special: Modern American Watchmakers

E-Special American Watchmakers

New York City (NY): Watchtime.com, the website of America’s best-selling watch magazine, WatchTime, has published a new E-Special, “Modern American Watchmakers.” This downloadable e-special can be found here: http://watchtime-shop.com/specials/watchtime-e-special-modern-american-watchmakers.html … [Read more...]

Facetime August 17


Welcome to another installment of Facetime! … [Read more...]

RGM Marks 20 Years With Third In-House Caliber

RGM Caliber 20 watch

RGM, the pioneering Pennsylvania-based watch brand founded in 1992 by Roland G. Murphy, turns 20 years old in 2012. Murphy commemorated the anniversary in the manner he knows best: by developing his brand's third in-house mechanical movement, called Caliber 20, and outfitting it in a new watch that RGM introduced at January's Geneva Time Exhibition. … [Read more...]

Facetime January 26


Welcome to another installment of Facetime! … [Read more...]

Facetime October 20


Welcome to Facetime! To be featured here, in our magazine, Pinterest, and our other social networks, send us a hi-res pic (at least 1mb) at photo@watchtime.com. … [Read more...]

FaceTime for July 21


Welcome back to another Facetime. We have some cool watches this week. We're eager to see what all of our readers wear, so keep them coming. As always, if you’d like to be featured here, in our magazine, or on our other social networks, send us a hi-res pic (at least 1mb) at photo@watchtime.com. … [Read more...]

Roland G. Murphy’s American Way

Roland G. Murphy

Making a watch movement in Switzerland is one thing. Making one in the USA is quite another. Just ask Roland G. Murphy, founder of RGM Watch Company. Click here to read WatchTime's profile of Murphy and his brand as we kick off our "Salute to America" week devoted to American watchmaking and watches that celebrate America. … [Read more...]

The Latest FaceTime Photos


Dear WatchTime readers, thank you very much for continuing to send us photos of yourselves wearing your favorite watches in all kinds of interesting places and situations! Here are some of the latest we've received. If you'd like to see yourself and your timepiece here, email us a high-res photo, along with a descriptive caption, to photo@watchtime.com. The best photos will also be selected for our Facetime category in the next issue of WatchTime magazine. … [Read more...]

Chronoswiss Sold to Swiss Investor


Munich-based watchmaker Chronoswiss has been sold to Swiss entrepreneur Oliver Ebstein, 37, and his wife Eva Maria. The Lucerne-based owners are new to the watch industry, and they have said that Chronoswiss will be owned by them privately, rather than through their investment company Meru AG. … [Read more...]

2010: The Year In Review Quiz, Part II


Once again we look at the biggest and smallest stories of the year. Were you paying attention? As always, the answers appear at the end. Good luck! … [Read more...]

RGM Updates Website and Adds Trade-in Program


RGM Watches has redesigned its website, making additional information available and easier to find. The site is also integrating its content with popular social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, allowing fans to receive updates instantly. The site's navigation is now upgraded, making it more consistent and intuitive. … [Read more...]

RGM Launches the First USA Series-Made Tourbillon


RGM Watch Company announces the launch of America's first serially-produced tourbillon movement, the Caliber MM 2 "Pennsylvania Tourbillon". The company's new flagship mechanical movement will be produced by hand at its Lancaster, Pennsylvania facility and it will power a small, numbered series of watches available both as a standard model and as custom-ordered pieces. … [Read more...]

RGM Starts Case Production in the USA


Following the debut of the first American-produced mechanical watch movement made since 1969, RGM Watch Company is now producing its own watch cases in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The first RGM cases to be produced are those of the 151 series of automatic watches, including the 151P (black-dial Pilot model) and 151E (classic style with engraved dial). … [Read more...]