Pedals in the Metal: RGM Introduces Model 500-GMT-RS Limited Edition Richard Sachs

Last Monday, Pennsylvania-based watch manufacturer RGM released the Model 500-GM-RS, a new sports watch released in partnership with bicycle frame builder Richard Sachs. This new model is the second watch to result from the collaboration between Sachs and RGM founder Roland Murphy — like the first one, a limited-edition, bespoke timepiece that speaks to both brands’ shared love for traditional styles, handcrafted workmanship, and functional art.

RGM Richard Sachs LE - front


The new 500-GMT-RS uses a 41-mm steel case that rises 11.3-mm off the wrist. The case uses polished finishing throughout, with the sides using a ribbed design reminiscent of the tubbing used in bicycle frames, while the crown is a complement to the style in its sturdy appearance. Surrounding the face is the watch’s bidirectional GMT bezel, marking the first time RGM has used this function on one of its watches; the bezel features engraved Arabic numerals for each of the even-numbered hour positions, and simple dots for the odd-numbered hours, both of which are filled with ceramic.

RGM Richard Sachs LE - side


On the dial of the Model 500-GMT-RS is an outer minute ring, with highlighted hour markers, and blocky Arabic numerals inside of it for the quarter-hour positions. At the 4:30 position is a subtle date indictor, while sweeping around the dial are two skeletonized sword hands for the hour and minute, and a red GMT hand featuring the Richard Sachs’ logo for its tip.

RGM Richard Sachs LE - back

Inside the watch is the RGM-finished ETA 2893-2 caliber, a Swiss-made automatic movement capable of 50-hour power reserve. The movement features RGM-implemented rhodium finishing, côtes de Genève, and perlage. The movement and its embellishments are hidden, however, behind a solid caseback, which is engraved with an artistic interpretation of the Richard Sachs logo, alongside information on the watch and its model number out of the 50 pieces that will be produced.

The new model will come equipped on a Hirsch Performance rubber and leather strap, and will be available for purchase directly through RGM for $4,750.

RGM Richard Sachs LE - soldier
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  1. Victor Altadonna

    I just received mine. Great watch. Incredibly comfortable on wrist. RGM Continues to make great American watch

  2. Really? I can forget the flowery descriptive text, if only you would check your grammar. “Speaks to.” Surely you mean speaks of? Tubbing? And I don’t ever recall riding a bike with ribbed tubing, so where did that comparison spring from? And since when have 3 and 9 been even numbers? Therefore, according to you 2,4,8 and 10 are odd numbers? On the subject of the watch, it seems OK, but this over a Seiko SUN043, or a Tudor Black Bay GMT? Or any number of GMT watches. The one thing any watch dealer will tell you is there are far too many watches on the market, this will have to be something special to appeal to most buyers.

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