Dive Watch Review: Citizen Promaster 1000 M Professional Diver

A while back, our editors went 11 feet under water to test various divers’ watches for legibility, ease of use, and toughness in actual diving conditions. One of these watches was the Citizen Promaster 1000 M Professional Diver.

The Promaster 1000 M Professional Diver has a 47.5-mm titanium case which, as the watch’s name implies, is water resistant to 1,000 meters. Not only is this a very large and robust divers’ watch, it’s also a dream come true for weekend divers. When you open the Promaster’s large leather box, the first thing you’ll notice is a long, extra strap attached to a pronged buckle. This extension can be easily buckled between the two ends of the watch’s solid yet elastic rubber strap. Thanks to this practical item, this Citizen dive watch can truly adapt to wrists and diving suits of all sizes. This makes the Promaster the only watch that’s suitable for diving in very cold water, when you must wear a thick wetsuit.

Citizen Promaster 1000M Professional Diver - front-backThe leather box also contains a spare circular spring for the bezel’s retention system, which you can insert after the original spring wears out after many years. To install it, you must first open the lever on the left side of the case. (The large screwed crown is also on this side, where it’s less likely to press against your wrist.) You then exert firm pressure with your fingers to turn and open the case’s outer ring. Finally, you remove the rotating bezel and exchange the old circular spring for a new one.  Download the full review here.

This article was originally posted in 2014 and has been updated.



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  1. Stay away from any Citizen dive watch with a rubber band. They only last about 6 months to a year, even without diving in salt water. You have to send it to Citizen who will then charge you $70-$100 to put a new band on it. I have had two bands break on my relatively new watch and I don’t wear it that often. They have designed their watches so that NO aftermarket bands will fit it, so they’ve got you captive. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WATCH

    • I have the Dive Watches in 300M steel …..300M titanium….and 1000M Titanium as a set in my watch collection and have rubber straps original still with no problems at all….These watches are more accurate than my Omega or Rolex ( except for the 1000m +6 sec/day) and the build quality is top notch for a fraction of the price for all three…….

  2. andrew henricksen

    I have one of these and it is a great watch. I wouldn’t say it is the only watch suitable for cold water diving though, just because it comes with a strap extension – it is very easy to put a longer strap on any watch when you need to.

    • Leonard Cabral

      If a Dive Watch is built to the tough “ISO Standards”….it will be able to withstand all that underwater diving can throw at it..,, .only if….it is maintained by regular checks and servicing…..for utmost safety underwater for anybody that dives Recreational or Professional………

  3. jj stives

    Citizen’s Eco drive watches are reliable and seem to work forever. However, programming them for a time zone change or daylight saving time can be daunting unless you have memorized the technique. Exasperated on one occasion, I sent the watch to my watch expert guy, who tried and finally gave up. The manual’s instructions leave a lot to be desired.

  4. Jeremiah

    Nice looking watch. I like dive watches because they have a practical feature (very good water resistance), and are quite durable as a daily wearer. This reminds me of the Seiko “Orange Monster” dive watch.

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