New Facetime Photos

p150Welcome back to Facetime! We have some great pictures this week, and we want to share even more, so keep them coming. To appear here or in the magazine, send us a hi-res picture (at least 1mb) to Remember to tell us your name, location, and the brand and model of watch you’re wearing.



Dr. Lori May-Malone wearing a Fendi Crazy Carats while on a cruise in the Western Caribbean.

Jake Martinez and son Jacob Martinez enjoy the beach while on vacation in Destin Florida. Jake is wearing a Rolex Datejust II while Jacob is wearing a LEGO Ninjago watch.

Kirit Patel brings along his Oris Carlos Coste Chronograph Limited Edition diving watch for a deep sea fishing expedition in Puerto Rico.

Brothers Rodrigo Oscalis, wearing a Longines Flagship Heritage, and Danilo Oscalis, wearing a Tag Heuer Link Calibre 36, at their office in São Paulo, Brazil.




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