Whirlwind Romance: 4 Watches with Multiple Tourbillons

TAG Heuer, better known for chronographs than tourbillons, has combined both horological technologies into the concept watch it introduced at this year’s Baselworld, the TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulumS. The watch, which TAG Heuer touts as “the first-ever magnetic double tourbillon” uses a patented system with two magnetic pendulums in place of hairsprings and two tourbillons, one controlling the timekeeping and the other a chronograph. The watch chain turns at 12 Hz and the chronograph chain at 50 Hz; the tourbillon linked to the chronograph, which can indicate intervals to 1/100th second, beats at a superfast 360,000 vph and rotates 12 times per minute. The tourbillon pendulums and their bridges, made of 18k rose gold, are visible through the brushed anthracite dial. The dial has the chronograph minutes counter at 12 o’clock, chronograph seconds counter at 3 o’clock, and the chronograph’s power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock; the placement of the crown, at 12 o’clock, is a nod to TAG Heuer’s historical hand-held stopwatches of the past.

TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulumS - front
TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulumS, front (above) and back (below)

TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulumS - back

Click below for TAG Heuer’s video presentation of its Carrera MikroPendulumS…


Boutique watch brand Cecil Purnell, founded in 2006 and named for founder Jonathan Purnell’s watchmaker grandfather, bills itself as “the only haute horlogerie brand crafting exclusively tourbillons.” Its product line uses all in-house-developed tourbillon movements, many of which add additional complications such as big date indications and  hour strikers. In 2014, Cecil Purnell launched several new movements, notably the one used in its new Twin Tourbillon CP-V15 watch. The two tourbillons in this timepiece, visible in the lower half of the sapphire-chromium dial with applied Roman numerals, are linked together by a differential in a system that is intended to ensure greater timekeeping precision. Both tourbillons in the double-barrel movement rotate clockwise at 3 Hz. The contemporary regulating system, with two gears and a spiral, ensures that the tourbillons cages regulate one another’s speed and work to increase the precision of the mechanism. The modern-yet-classical case, designed by renowned watch designer Stephane Lacroix, is available in white gold or rose gold.

Cecil Purnell V15 Twin Tourbillon - steel
Cecil Purnell V15 Twin Tourbillon - gold

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This article was originally posted on August 15, 2013 and has been updated with new material.

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  1. Michael z

    I feel like a tourbillion discussion should include Thomas Prescher. His tripple tourbillon, and mechanical mystery are staggering.

  2. Watchguy79

    Obviously would take the Greubel Forsey here, in my opinion the best finishing out there. Definitely up to par with, KV, P Dufour, and better than Patek any day…. They are the watches of all watches IMO. Their stealth tourb are amazing….

    Love seeing what they come out with every year. Please, no more Big Bang Tourbillons, enough is enough, the Tag is sick too,

  3. Dean Grant Baker

    And Seagul just released a dual tourby for under 40 000 usd [and they already have single tourbies for under 1 000 usd.] and they perforn and outperform pieces costing 100 times as much.

    out in Sept. 2013

    The technical details of the Sea-Gull Wing Tourbillon movement:

    Components: 261

    Total diameter: 33.8mm

    Total height: 6.35mm

    55 hours power reserve

    The inner carriage rotates a circle every 60 seconds

    The outer carriage rotates a circle every 150 seconds

    Total mass of tourbillon: 0.68g

    Time indicator at 4 o’clock

    Power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock

    21,600 A/h
    The inner carriage is made by Titanium and the outer carriage is made by Aluminum, in order to reach a relatively low weight of the dual-axis tourbillon system.

    Total components of the tourbillon system: 137

    Silicon made escape wheel, in order to reach a better weight distribution. In addition to a free sprung system

    6 microstella type weights on the balance wheel

    hyper accurate

    and about tens times less than a “swiss made” tourby.

    swiss is in quotes for a reason

    The commercially available version will be launched in late 2013, the presell price is 300,000 CNY (about 48,000 CHF

    and it IS A REAL tourby unlike the panerai

    the Panerai Tourbillon P.2005 is NOT rotating as we expect it doing it from a typical tourbillon, some colleagues and I simply called it the chicken grill when Panerai presented us the P.2005 in Florence some years ago. Even when the Panerai construction is meant to be a tourbillon one could discuss if this is really a tourbillon in spirit of Abraham Louis Breguet.

  4. Steve Cseplo

    The TAG is sharp. I really like it. Not that I’d ever be able to afford iit.

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