Review: 9 iPad Apps for Watch Aficionados

Frédérique Constant
Frédérique Constant, known for producing watches with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, has a very thorough app. Through the app, you can learn about all the watches in all collections, find technical information about each piece, and share your favorites in your social networks. If you still don’t know which watch you’re looking for, but have in mind the characteristics you want in it, the “Find a Watch” menu is helpful. You can search specifics details and complications, from the type of caliber you want your new piece to have to the type of materials used in dial or even the box. The app also takes you on a journey into the story of the company and allows you to peruse the brand’s most recent brand catalog, watch videos, and, of course, find the nearest store.

Frederique Constant app

Jaeger’s app provides access to the company’s eight collections, including all of the current year’s new launches. While you browse the models, you can find information about each piece, but without much interactivity.

Another section of the app allows you to interact with nine different watches and explore their main functions, using the touchscreen or by watching a video that must be downloaded after you install the software.

If your horological passion goes deeper, there are also micro-classes about the assembling of pieces, the decoration of movements and even the bluing of screws. There is also a watchmaker’s glossary that you can use to answer questions.

Those interested in actually buying a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch can use the app’s “Configurator” function. With it, you can personalize a Reverso model to your own taste and save it in your user area on the brand’s website. Then, you can find the nearest retailer with the “Store Locator.”

Jaeger-LeCoultre app

Montblanc’s app presents its calibers, collections, and the maison’s Heritage in a three-column format. True watch lovers will appreciate how it helps them understand how the movements and their complications work.

Specific movements are grouped into three categories — Timewriters, Great Complications and Chronographs — with graphics and data for all the models equipped with each mechanism. Specific watch models have videos and exploded views of their movements. Users will feel as though they are diving into the story of the Montblanc maison as the screens move intuitively to the sides or down.

A central column showcases the entire Montblanc collection, with details on all the watches, and features a “True View” button that enables the user to imagine any Montblanc watch on his wrist. Press the button and the device will open a screen that allows you to measure the width of your wrist directly through the iPad screen, making for a very realistic view of the watch on your wrist.

Montblanc watch app

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