Review: 9 iPad Apps for Watch Aficionados

The Panerai app includes all the information anyone needs to become a card-carrying member of the Paneristi, the brand’s fiercely loyal fans. The app is constantly updated and allows you to navigate – literally – all the aspects of the Swiss watch brand that started out as the official watchmaker for the Italian Navy. Users looking for a Panerai watch to suit their specific tastes and requirements can browse the year’s new launches as well as the entire existing collection of both watches and calibers. They can also see how that the watch would look on their wrist with the “Wear Your Panerai” option.

Panerai app

The Piaget app allows you to explore the brand’s Caliber 1290P, which claims to be the thinnest mechanical minute-repeater movement in the world, from every angle, and to listen to its sound on a simulator. The watch featured here is the one that contains the movement, the Piaget Emperador Coussin Ultra Thin Minute Repeater, though three other Piaget mechanisms are included on the app as well, with technical information and videos for each one of them.

Piaget app

This giant of the Swiss watch world offers two apps,  but apparently is not overly worried about updating them. One of them, called Rolex 2012, as its name implies, presents Rolex’s entire 2012 collection. As we approach the end of 2013, there is no sign that Rolex will be updating this app with more recent models. It presents a timeline with 87 frames, each featuring one of the collection’s pieces, with videos, technical information and interactive functions.

Rolex 2012 app

Rolex’s highlight watch in 2013 is the Cosmograph Daytona, which celebrated its 50th anniversary and was awarded its own exclusive app. The program presents a wide view of the watch, as well as allowing users to interact with it, specifically its chronograph function. A sub-menu presents all its highlights in 15 separate sections. Other options include a quick video visit to the factory, a photo gallery of the Cosmograph Daytona by photographer Régis Golay and a historical video about the Daytona auto race for which the watch is named.

Rolex Daytona app
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