The 2023 WatchTime Guide to (Non-Watch) Holiday Gifting

‘Tis the season of holiday gifting, and while the allure of adding a few more watches to your collection is undeniable, there’s a world of accessories beyond the realm of timepieces proper that deserves consideration. Among the top contenders is, undoubtedly, a subscription to WatchTime Magazine, but throughout the year, we’ve encountered an array of exceptional non-watch products. Some promise to elevate your collection, others hail from prestigious maisons, and a few are just irresistibly cool, albeit not entirely watch-related.

For this year’s holiday roundup, our team collaborated on a curated selection of items to inspire some luxurious and practical gift giving. Enjoy!

Cartier Tank Asymétrique De Cartier Belt

Bilal Khan, Senior Editor

There are few watch enthusiasts who wouldn’t love to find a Cartier Tank Asymétrique under the tree this Christmas. Dating all the way back to 1936, the Asymétrique’s skewed rectangular case shape was designed with the intention of easing how the wearer reads time due to position of the the case and hour markers on the wrist. But, of course, it’s really all about the looks and one-of-a-kind chic design that could only come from Cartier. A quick glance at the online marketplace or a one-minute conversation with an expert will reveal just how hard to get these watches are (at the time of writing, there are 14 available on Chrono24 priced between $50-90,000).

Fortunately, there is the Tank Asymétrique de Cartier Belt that comes on a reversible black and brown cowhide strap with the yellow gold-finished buckle done in the shape of the delightfully askew namesake design. Currently, only this version is for sale on the Cartier website though I have seen it done in palladium with a reversible navy blue and gray reversible strap. There are also classic Tank, Santos, Panthère and several other styles if you’re not as taken with the Asymétrique as I am. Priced at $530, this is a practical and fun gift when the watch isn’t quite doable.

Bulgari Serpenti Viper Necklace

Sara Orlando, Publisher

I have had my eye on the Serpenti watch collection from Bulgari since my early days at WatchTime. I also really love the jewelry collection and appreciate the subtle “if you know you know” design of all things Bulgari Serpenti. This 18k gold Serpenti Viper Necklace is unique, feminine but also edgy enough to be worn casually with my daily uniform of a white button down, jeans and sandals. I would not hate to have this bad boy underneath my tree this Christmas.

Pricing begins at $22,700.

Lika Behar Open Cuff

Dara Hinshaw, Managing Editor

Jewelry designer Lika Behar continues to delight with her innovative and expressive creations. For the holidays, I found the Lika Behar “Keller” open cuff bracelet with diamonds especially distinctive and artistically appealing. It features oxidized sterling silver and 24-karat yellow gold highlighted with 0.44 carats of diamonds. Like all Lika Behar’s jewelry, it is handmade and artisanal.

Lika Behar open cuff with diamonds

Behar was born in Istanbul, where East meets West, and this romantic city has been a fundamental source of inspiration for her collection. The master jewelers at her atelier and design studio in Istanbul use ancient jewelry making techniques and are specially trained in this art form. Here ancient history is combined with the sensibility and sophistication of the modern world. Her team works with “Nimble” 22 and 24k gold and blackens the silver to look as it does when it comes out of archeological digs. The gems they use are primarily sourced from the U.S. and are only purchased from reputable stone dealers that source ethically and are known throughout the industry.

The Lika Behar “Keller” Open Cuff with diamonds is available at official Lika Behar fine jewelers and is priced at $2,420.

Porsche Design Outdoor Speaker PDS20

Sabine Zwettler, Contributor

For the Porsche aficionado in your life who appreciates both refined design and premium sound quality, the outdoor speaker PDS20 from Porsche Design makes for a perfect gift. The minimalist, cylindrical-shaped housing is crafted from satin anodized aluminum, ensuring a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Its silicone carrying strap, inspired by the Porsche 911 Dakar and available in Agate Grey and Shade Green, is designed for shock protection and doubles as a versatile carrying solution for on-the-go activities. Boasting an IP67 dust and water protection rating, the speaker can handle dust and splashes, making it suitable for outdoor adventures, from hikes to backyard gatherings.

Above all, the PDS20 delivers a powerful audio performance that lasts up to 10 hours. Two passive radiators and a 1.75” woofer deliver an immersive sound experience with a rich bass. The included USB-A to USB-C cable facilitates a quick three-hour charge, ensuring minimal downtime between uses.

Pricing is marked at $245.

Breguet Cufflinks

Martin Green, Editor-at-Large

As a man with a preference for the classics, I like my shirts to have a double cuff. This also gives me an excuse to indulge in cufflinks, a world almost as rich as that of watches. In fact, quite a few watch brands also have, or had, cufflinks in their collection. Breguet has some of the nicest, as their cufflinks highlight the hallmarks that make this brand so unique. The collection is quite extensive, but one of my favorites is the ‘Cadran Guilloche‘ in white gold. Here, cutouts of a dial make up the decor. The cufflinks also differ from each other but do come with a fluted case band. The perfect companion for a suit and tie.

For a more casual look, although that might be considered an oxymoron with double cuffs, I prefer the ‘Marine Royale Guilloche.’ Breguet followed the same recipe here, but as the watch is more sportive, so is the cufflink. When you look closely, you can see that the part of the dial on one of the cufflinks has a window in it with a musical note. This tells you that the inspiration for this piece came from the Breguet Marine Royale Alarm Ref. 5847. While these have a sportier touch, I would order them in pink gold. This rich color offers more contrast than white gold and feels more appropriate for the festive season.

The price? It is on request, but at least it is less than a Breguet watch and will last you a lifetime.

Wolves Whiskey and the Blumsafe Professional

Caleb Anderson, Contributor

In the course of my work with WatchTime this year, I came across a number of novel brands and products outside of watches proper I’d recommend. One among them was Wolves Whiskey, which I had a chance to sample at this past fall’s WatchTime New York event.

Wolves was a beverage partner for the event, sharing some of their finest batches for the crowd over the weekend. I’m no whiskey expert, but it was the first time I experienced the drink with all the wonders it seems like old men in old movies do, in my sips finding (and further, appreciating) the subtle notes of sweet, and salty, and smoothness often waxed poetic about. Prices range up to $305 depending on the bottle, though my favorite was the OG Wolves, a $145 bottle with notes of honeysuckle, citrus, hops, milk chocolate, black cherry, and warm vanilla.

In addition to Wolves, I also worked on a couple projects with the brand BlumSafe, which produces a range of burglary-resistant safes for private homes. While I don’t personally have a collection which I feel makes a home safe of this caliber the most obvious decision, I appreciate that the brand simplifies the process of securing one, being an essentially turn-key option for protecting your timepieces.

At the top of the brand’s range is the BlumSafe Professional, which in addition to its many protective qualities comes equipped with up to 18 winders. Pricing begins from about $4,600 up to $8,100.

Happy gifting from all of us here at WatchTime!

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