Sponsored: Powering Sustainable Innovation, Citizen Introduces the Eco-Drive 365

In the bustling world of watches, where the lines of horological tradition often meet technological innovation, CITIZEN stands out through its creations. With a long history of engineering firsts in materials, movements, and design, the brand continues this legacy with its latest: the Eco-Drive 365. Powered by clean energy and distinctly chic in style, these light-driven watches epitomize the brand’s commitment to sustainability and superior craftsmanship.

Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, born out of a vision during the 1970s energy crisis, relies on the brilliance of any light. By ingeniously converting light into energy, Citizen was able to develop the world’s first light-powered analog watch in 1976. Since then, the brand’s light-powered watches have gone on to adorn wrists across countless nations, showcasing Citizen’s dedication to sustainable technologies and leading the market in forward-thinking manufacturing. With the Eco-Drive 365, this legacy continues, with the models able to offer a full year of operation on a single charge.

Each model in the Eco-Drive 365 series boasts a distinctive stainless steel case, with the design taking direct inspiration from a timepiece produced by the brand in 1973 known as the Citizen Quartz EFA. Thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted, these cases feature clean lines, elegant ridgelines, and curved sapphire windows. The overall design harkens to a retro-futuristic aesthetic unlike much else, all while thoroughly embodying the brand’s legacy of sustainable performance, style, and innovation.

On the wrist, the Eco-Drive 365 wears 42.5mm by 11.1mm, with three distinct models available including a limited edition full steel model, alongside two regular production editions in a black ion-plated option and a two-tone variation. The two regular production models feature matching-tone steel bracelets, while the limited edition is secured to the wrist via a Leather Working Group (LWG) certified calf leather strap. The LWG is a global organization comprised of leather brands, tanners, and chemical companies which assess the environmental impact and safety of leather production processes, and certifies tanners that meet its rigorous auditing standards.

The dial of the new watch is a canvas of innovation. Utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques, Citizen has created a surface that not only captures the essence of the endless starry sky, but also generates an outsized power for the watch upon each exposure to light. Glittering accents in various colors and sizes adorn the dial, creating a surface that exudes the innate beauty of our planet.

The metal indices, strategically placed on the outer ring, add depth and breadth to the display, further elevating the aesthetic. Notably, while the two regular production models opt for applied metal indices, the third all-steel variation makes use of four lab grown rubies alongside gold-tone accents for a particularly vintage-inspired look. Lab grown rubies notably have the same hardness and sparkle as rubies mined from the earth, with each ethically-created gem produced in adherence with the highest level of environmental, safety, and labor standards.

At the core of the Eco-Drive 365 is the remarkable Caliber E365 movement. The mechanism, designed to run for 365 days on a full charge, represents the next generation in light-powered Eco-Drive technology, with it importantly also able to maintain an accuracy of +/-15 seconds per month. The movement is the beating heart of sustainability in the watch, translating light into timekeeping performance and bringing innovative function to aesthetically-driven form.

The Citizen Eco-Drive 365 series, including the limited-edition model, is available now both via authorized retailers and directly through the brand. The BN1015-52E, with its modern all-black allure, and the BN1014-55E, featuring distinctive silver tones, are priced at $550 and $495, respectively. The third model, the BN1010-05E, will be limited in production to 1,200 editions, with its pricing marked at $895.

To learn more, visit Citizen, here.

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