2022 Year in Review: 6 Watches Under $1K

Concluding our annual tradition recapping some of the best stories of the year, today we look back at a handful of notable releases that broke onto the scene in 2022. We cover a wide range of brands and models on WatchTime, spanning across different complications, styles, and especially at differing price points. In today’s look back at 2022, we’ll discuss some releases all with a price tag under $1,000. 

Bulova Parking Meter Chronograph

Influence from past decade’s style is a significant part of the contemporary fashion industry, with the retro-chic aesthetic dominating mainstream culture. The watch influence has followed suit, of course, like with the 70’s inspired Bulova Parking Meter Chronograph. As a reboot of a model produced from 1970-1974, the watch is characterized by “bullhead” pushers and a unique dial configuration that are reminiscent of a parking meter. Inside the 43mm steel case ticks a quartz 0S21 Miyota chronograph caliber with a dual-time feature. 

The Bulova Parking Meter Chronograph was released on a limited basis of 5,000 examples, each individually numbered and retailing for $595. 

Timex X Adsum MK1

Streetwear has become somewhat synonymous with cross-brand collaborations, even transcending into the watch industry this year with Timex pairing with Brooklyn-based apparel brand Adsum to create the Timex X Adsum MK1. Using the base design of the Timex MK1, the utilitarian-style watch celebrates simplicity with a sleek black dial and painted white and luminant seafoam green indices. Then paying homage to the MK1’s military roots, the dial displays both 12 and 24-hour time via two separate index rings. The collaboration piece has a moderate 36mm diameter while the reverse of the steel case is engraved with the Adsum and Timex names along with the phrase “I AM PRESENT.” 

The Timex X Adsum MK1 was originally released in August retailing for $140 online on both brands’ websites, though it has since sold out. It is currently retailing in secondary markets for double or more than original retail price.

Omega x Swatch Moonswatch

This list would be remiss if not to include perhaps the most talked about and unexpected release of 2022, the MoonSwatch collaboration between Omega and Swatch. The two Swatch Group brands came together to produce a design on the basis of the iconic Moonwatch with the affordability and accessibility of a Swatch watch. The collection took even further inspiration from outer space, with 11 models corresponding to each of the planets, the moon, and the sun. Each case is made of a unique bioceramic material and has a colorway corresponding to the celestial body it represents. The key Moonwatch design features are all included in the MoonSwatch: the Speedy-style case, the famous tachymeter scale with a dot over ninety, and the distinctive Speedmaster sub-dials. 

All 11 iterations of the watch retail for $260 at select Swatch stores, though the colorful models are still hard to come by in person, even months after their release. 

Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic

This year, Hamilton added to its rustic, yet sophisticated, line of Khaki watches with the Khaki Field Titanium Automatic. The watch is an expansion of previous Khaki Field Titanium base models and is now offered in two distinct sizes, 42mm and 38mm, with a few different colorway options. For the 42mm iteration, the case is brushed titanium with the option of a namesake khaki or blue dial. Available in 38mm are two options with a brushed titanium case with either a green or black dial, and one option sporting a PVD titanium case with a gray dial. Each watch is powered by a three-hand movement that boasts a power reserve of 80-hours. 

The Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic is at the higher end of the price spectrum for today’s list, retailing for $995 via the brand’s website and select online retailers. 

G-SHOCK Steel Full Metal GMB2100D-1A

G-Shock has capitalized on its Full Metal line in recent years, perfecting the resin-free collection with bold metal constructions. One of the latest to join the lineup is the Full Metal GMB2100D-1A in steel, the watch making use of bold, contrasting finishings that distinguish the model within the series. Like its resin forebearers, the model has garnered the nickname “Casioak” from fans of the sleek watch, the design sports an integrated bracelet style and octagonal bezel, much like the highly coveted Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet. The 44.4mm diameter makes room for a multi-functional digital window dial layout in addition to a function-indicating subdial. 

The G-SHOCK Steel Full Metal GMB2100D-1A retails for $550. The series is also available in a Dark Gray IP model (GMB2100BD-1A) and Copper IP execution (GMB2100GD-5A) which both retail for $600 each.

Seiko 5 Sports GMT Series

For the final model on today’s list we’re looking at the trio of Seiko 5 Sports GMT watches released by Seiko earlier this year. This is the first GMT example to join the Seiko 5 Sports collection since its 2019 revival, bringing a new function flare to the sporty timepiece. The steel case occupies a diameter of 42.5mm with a height of 13.6mm and is available in three dial color options: black, blue, and orange. Powering the red GMT hand and simple hour and minute indicators is the automatic caliber 4R34. 

The Seiko 5 Sports GMT retails for $475.

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  1. Justin Boudreau

    Someone mentions the Bulova Parking Meter for a bargain watch. Everyone that talks about the plastic MoonSwatch should shake their heads if they don’t think about buying a steel version of one of the most unique and rare watches from the golden are of wacky.

    Parking Meter > MoonSwatch

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