The WatchTime Guide to (Non-Watch) Holiday Gifting

The holiday gifting season is here, and while a new watch or two (or three or four) might be on the wish lists of many WatchTime readers, there are also a good deal of accessories outside of the good life of watches proper to consider. Chief among them is, of course, a subscription to WatchTime Magazine, but over the course of the year, we have come across a number of other fine, non-watch products, some that will enhance your collection, some that are unique gifts from top maisons, and others that are less-watch-related but are just plain cool.

For this year’s holiday roundup, our editors have curated a selection of items to inspire some luxurious and practical gift giving. Enjoy!

Chopard My Happy Hearts Necklace

Recommended by Dara Hinshaw, Managing Editor.

One of the most endearing new jewelry collections I’ve seen this season is the My Happy Hearts line from Chopard. Offering necklaces in ethical 18k rose or white gold that feature a single dainty heart suspended on a 16-inch chain, they are perfect alone or stacked as a stylish accessory. The heart, a Chopard design icon, has been reinvented here in a miniature format while retaining the perfection of its curves. The jewelry nestles against the skin, emphasizing self-care, kind and nurturing, a celebration of yourself and an expression of the love we feel for one another.

For the holidays, I especially like the My Happy Hearts necklace in ethical 18k rose gold with a Carnelian heart ($1,640), which emanates fire and brilliance. Other appealing looks are the mother-of-pearl version ($1,530) with a silky, calming spirit and the diamond-set option ($2,710), which has a sparkling allure. Winsome yet elegant, each is a special token for a loved one or an affirmation for yourself. Available at Chopard boutiques and at

Jean Rousseau Watch Strap

Recommended by Minda Larsen, Events and Events Sales Manager.

This year, I decided to treat myself to a little early Christmas gift, one I would highly recommend to any watch lover. I upgraded my NOMOS Orion watch with a custom light grey alligator strap from Jean Rousseau. The best part, Jean Rousseau engraved the inside of the strap wth a meaningful message to mark a career highlight. It feels like a brand new watch! The strap has completely changed the look and feel of the watch, and it suddenly feels more chic, stylish and contemporary. I find myself reaching for it every morning and looking forward to it’s new style. I had so much fun picking out the exact color to match my skin tone and the watch. The strap is beautiful to the smallest detail, and I am certain will delight any watch lover.

Royal Oak: From Iconoclast To Icon by Bill Prince

Recommended by Bilal Khan, Senior Editor.

If you’re anything like me, you love a nice, big coffee table book. Launched just in time for the holidays, Assouline’s new Royal Oak: From Iconoclast To Icon by Bill Prince has to be my gift pick. An obvious watch-nerd pleaser, the book is also sure to draw the attention of holiday party guests who may not be enthusiasts but are interested in design, art, or just like to be culturally well-rounded. I flipped through the nearly 300 pages of photos, sketches, and vintage ads over the course of a recent Friday evening but I already find myself craving another, more thorough read. The best part is I can just pick up where I left off whenever I’m relaxing at home since it’s in easy reach on display and not tucked away in one of my bookshelves. For the substantial but not unwieldy size and overall quality, it’s well worth the $250 price tag. Fortunately, being a Royal Oak owner isn’t a prerequisite.

Ring Concierge Fluted Stackable Ring

Recommended by Sara Orlando, Publisher.

Since the chances of finding a Rolex Datejust under my Christmas tree this year are slim to none, I found this beautiful gold ring from Ring Concierge that could fill the void for now. The ring design is very similar to the fluted bezel on the Datejust and would be a great option to stack with my wedding band or wear on its own in all its Rolex-inspired glory. The ring is priced at $268 retail and also comes as fluted gold hoop earrings and a gold bangle bracelet. Needless to say, any of the above are welcome to land in my stocking this year!

Nomos Glashütte Sundial

Recommended by Sabine Zwettler, Contributor.

There is a saying in my home country, Germany, that goes: “do as the sundial does, just count the bright hours!” With a diameter of 19mm the Nomos Glashütte Sundial is among the smallest of its kind and can be worn as a chain around the neck or as a ring on the finger. Once the correct month is set via the middle ring, there is a small hole that allows light to shine through onto the markers on the interior of the ring. The ray on the inside will display the current time. As this striking way of telling the time depends on your whereabouts, Nomos Glashütte offers several options that best approximate the latitude of your location. Retail price for the Subdial is marked at $185.

Montblanc Heritage Rouge et Noir “Baby”

Recommended by Martin Green, Editor-at-Large.

Next to my passion for watches, I have an equal affection for fountain pens. I collect them both vintage and new, but I love it best when both unite, which happened earlier this year when Montblanc released its Heritage Rouge et Noir “Baby.” In the 1920s, traveling by trains, planes, and automobiles became common for an increasingly large group. Writing was still the standard way to communicate, and Montblanc facilitated that new trend by releasing shorter fountain pens for when people were on the go. The Heritage Rouge et Noir “Baby” is a modern-day ode to these portable pens.

The fountain pen is available in black lacquer with platinum-colored fittings ($765) or ivory-colored lacquer with the fittings in gold ($795). Both feature a cap with the Montblanc emblem in ivory surrounded by red-colored resin. The fact that there is no clip gives these shorter pens a clean look. A good nib is, of course, also essential, and here Montblanc entices us with a hand-crafted one in 14-karat gold. It is engraved with a drawing of the Mont Blanc that comes from one of the earlier Montblanc emblems, along with 4810, the height of the mountain.  

Berd Vay’e Time Squared

Recommended by Julia Mosby, Office Manager.

Topping my list this holiday season is a piece from the Berd Vay’e limited edition sculpture collection. These exquisite sculptures are curated from vintage watch components sourced from around the globe and set in shimmering Lucite. The Time Squared in particular, is perfect for any time keeping connoisseur to display on a coffee table, on a bookshelf, or as a featured centerpiece. Pricing for the small edition is $3,500, while the large version is marked at $6,900.

Cartier Pasha de Cartier Fragrance

Recommended by Caleb Anderson, Contributor.

I’ve lived in France for the better part of last year, and in that time it dawned on me that I rather like the style of Cartier watches. Making this stylistic discovery for myself, I nonetheless had to make peace with that fact that while I might like the delicate, art deco lines of the maision‘s timepieces, I don’t realistically foresee that I’ll be wearing one anytime soon. Yet, with a growing affinity for the brand, I was nonetheless drawn to its other offerings, and chief among them its various colognes and perfumes. Enter the Cartier Pasha de Cartier Fragrance.

I’m not a perfumer, but if you’re curious then know I’m smelling it now and trying hard to distill the essence of what I like about it. A bit sweet, a bit musky. Maybe honey and wood. Licorice even. Listen— I’m not really sure, but something about it, j’adore. That said, I recommend you waft it around your nose a bit for yourself before buying it for a loved one. And if you do like it as much as me then know the scent comes in various content options and sizes, with the 3.4 fl. oz. of parfum helping make travel easy, and longevity of scent strongly assured.

Happy gifting from all of us here at WatchTime!

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