Swatch Tresor Magique: For When You Crave Precious Metal

People able to obtain the latest MoonSwatch are, without a doubt, lucky. They were at the right place, at the right time. While we can debate if paying a $25 premium for a different hand is worth it, I have seen worse deals. It is also a very good looking Swatch, but with the hype created before its launch, quite a few people were hoping for something a bit more precious than bioceramic. In a touch of irony (no pun intended), that Swatch already exists, and it is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

It was 1993 when the illustrious chairman of the Swatch Group, Nicolas G. Hayek, launched the Tresor Magique at the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange). What set this Swatch apart from its siblings was that its case was made of platinum. Not a coating, but real 950 platinum all the way through. This also explains the official retail price of $1,618. For that kind of money, you got what can perhaps be considered the most understated precious metal watch ever made. While some might recognize the metal’s hue as platinum, most people will see just a Swatch. As an owner, its heft will be a constant reminder that you are wearing what others are craving. As a reminder, Swatch also engraved the oscillating weight to underscore that you are not dreaming and this is really a Swatch with a platinum case.

As the Tresor Magique was a limited edition, they even went through the trouble of engraving an individual number on the oscillating weight as well. That is something even far more exclusive (Swiss) brands cannot be bothered with these days. That being said, the Tresor Magique is quite a bit more common than the latest MoonSwatch, as the brand made 12,999 (no typo) pieces of it. However, as 30 years have passed, they can be found but are by no means common. The fact that it is fitted with an automatic movement, ETA caliber 2840, only increases the fun, just as the original crocodile strap it came on. Rest assured, though, the brand also supplied a plastic strap with it to accomplish that authentic Swatch feel. The buckle is nicely crafted, but unlike the case not made of platinum, but regular stainless steel instead.

In typical Swatch fashion, the dial of the Tresor Magique is quite the eye-catcher. It combines mirror-polished finishes with deep blue segments, making the gold-tone hands sometimes tricky to spot. That is just part of the fun that Swatch is offering, like only applying Super-LumiNova to the seconds hand, and integrating a moon phase image at nine o’clock; that is just that, a static image. The 24-hour dial in Roman numerals is also a fun touch, as is the generous sprinkle of stars surrounding the skeleton center section of the dial. Of all the platinum watches I know, the Tresor Magique doesn’t take things too seriously, making it a true gem.

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