Swatch X Omega Launches MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold

If you happened to be on social media sometime this past week, then you likely saw that Swatch began teasing its first follow-up to its viral MoonSwatch series, first launched around this time last year as a Swatch X Omega collaboration. This morning, the brands followed up, debutting the latest model with the new Swatch X Omega MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold.

The new watch is much the same as the previous iterations of the MoonSwatch, featuring what the brands call a bioceramic case, executed in grey with a Speedmaster silhouette at 42mm by 13.5mm and secured to the wrist by ways of a double-branded Velcro strap. The watch is keenly similar to the previous Mission to the Moon example first introduced last year, with the primary differentiator being between that previous edition and this one being in their dial details and relative rarity.

On this dial, the Moonshine Gold once again features a familiar MoonSwatch aesthetic, complete with its Speedmaster-inspired details and co-branding, alongside the distinguishing, less-than-centered placement of the sub-dials which have become a signature for the collection. That said, the display is differentiated by its chronograph seconds hand, which while featuring a classic Speedmaster motif for its design, is coated in a very light layer of Omega’s propriety Moonshine gold. Outside of this, a Swatch quartz caliber continues to drive the timepiece, and the caseback features an image of the moon with no other clear special edition design nod.

The new Swatch X Omega MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold is available today only, with purchase only available in London, Milan, Tokyo, and Zurich. This touch of pale gold adds a small premium to the retail price of the watch compared to the previous editions by about $25, bringing the retail price to CHF 275, or about $290 USD, though by the limited nature of the launch in both time and locations, secondary market prices are likely to fetch for much higher.

To learn more, visit Swatch, here.

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  1. Not impressed.

    Swatch needs to figure out how to make the original Swatch X Omega watch line up available to everyone, either online or in all of their stores and retailers – not come out with ‘special editions’ that no one can find. This isn’t a Rolex or Patek, it’s a Swatch!

  2. Martin Dawson

    It would be nice to buy a MoonSwatch, in fact the chance to buy a MoonSwatch at a sensible price would be very nice with out people who know nothing of Spaceflight and the Apollo missions trying to hack people off. Easier to buy a original Omega Speedmaster…

  3. Humberto Pacheco

    I am so glad that, amongst the 120 timepieces that I own, I do not have an Omega Moonwatch. No more is Omega. It is now a Swatch. Nothing is sacred anymore.

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