Welcome to the new Watchtime.com!

WatchTime Editor Mark BernardoIf you have been to this site before, you may have noticed some significant differences this week. Yes, Watchtime.com has undergone a major facelift, with numerous upgrades that we feel will make it more useful, informative, interactive, and user-friendly. As those of you who read the print edition of WatchTime may already know, I have taken the reins of WatchTime’s online and multimedia editorial initiatives after five years as managing editor of the print magazine. Mike Disher, our former online editor, who blazed many of the electronic trails that I am now traveling, has moved over to the print side as our technical editor.

The revamped website is the result of a major team effort, with input from myself and Mike; our WatchTime editorial, sales, and marketing teams, particularly editor-in-chief and associate publisher Joe Thompson; my right-hand guy and social media guru Jason Francisco; new managing director Dominik Grau; our German counterparts at WatchTime.net, the online component of our German-language sister magazine Chronos; and numerous others, all of whose contributions are both essential and appreciated. The results, I think, speak for themselves.

We’ve streamlined the design of our home page, giving it a less busy, uncluttered look. The toolbar at the top and the pull-down menus have been trimmed down to their essentials, making it easier for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. The slideshow display with clickable images at the top of the page enables you to check out the top news and features without having to scroll down the page. As for the news and features themselves, we will be adding new material daily, so if you have not yet bookmarked us for regular visits, you’ll want to do that right away.

You’ll also note the presence of a new category in the toolbar, called “Reviews.” It’s here that you will find the sort of in-depth, “under the hood” watch features — including popular Watch Test and Close-Up features from our print edition — that set WatchTime apart from its competitors. Keep checking in as we update this category with both new material and the best from our print archives.

If you’re visiting here, as so many do, to find information on a specific watch model, or looking to compare prices on sports chronographs, or searching by brand, case material, or even movement, I encourage you to check out our new and improved Watch Database. Now including more than 22,000 watch models from 685 brands, we believe it is the most comprehensive such source you’ll find anywhere.

Each story posted here now also includes links to related posts, suggesting other WatchTime.com stories that you can check out to enhance your knowledge and experience. For instance, if you’ve just been blown away by a Richard Mille skeleton watch, you can find posts on other watches from that brand, other skeleton timepieces, and even business news related to that company.

Perhaps the most important change you’ll note is that WatchTime.com now allows comments from users on all of its stories. We’re interested in what our readers think about the latest news from the watch world, from product introductions to industry upheavals to celebrity endorsement deals. We also hope to spark lively discussions between you and your fellow watch enthusiasts. So keep it clean and let’s hear from you! (And remember, you can also chime in on our Facebook page.)

These are just a few of the things we’re excited about here at WatchTime’s digital media department. Please do stick around, explore the new site, and come back often. We aim to be your most important source for all things watch-related. Let us know how we’re doing.

Mark Bernardo
Digital Media Editor, WatchTime

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    Thank you for providing this overhauled version. I lost my job 4-1/2 years back, & getting another is next to impossible. I had to cut finances, including my Watchtime magazine sub, so this Internet version is a valuable gift. Your online coverage of Jeff Kingston’s presentations are also greatly appreciated.

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