Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back — On Your Wrist: Bulova Celebrates Frank Sinatra with New Watch Collection

Continuing its series of timepieces in partnership with musicians and musical organizations, Bulova pays homage to iconic singer Frank Sinatra with 10 new, vintage-inspired watches, dispersed among four distinct design iterations, each named after a famous song by the artist. The collection includes the cushion-shaped “Fly Me to the Moon,” the rectangular “My Way,” the tonneau-style “Young at Heart,” and lastly the rounded “The Best is Yet to Come” model, also distinguished by its flared lugs. Each of the models includes an image of Sinatra’s hat and/or signature on the dial, an explicit form of third-party branding uncommon in full collections.

According to Bulova, the brand’s connection to Sinatra goes all the way back to the 1950s and The Frank Sinatra Show television series, for which Bulova was a sponsor. Sinatra was also known to have owned and worn Bulova watches throughout his life. As such, the brand, in its continued commitment to produce watches influenced by famous moments and persons in music, has released the 1950s- and ‘60s-inspired Sinatra collection to honor Hoboken, New Jersey’s “most famous son.”

“Fly Me to the Moon”

The first design in the line-up is “Fly Me to the Moon,” which includes three pieces, each featuring a 39-mm cushion-type, multi-part case construction. Two of these models use simple steel cases with the choice of either a black or silver white dial, while the third uses a gold-toned steel case with a white dial. Each of the dials has a fluted design, featuring alternating applied Arabic and pyramid-style hour markers, and is conspicuously clean due to its lack of a minute ring. Passing over the dial, including the 3 o’clock date window and aforementioned 6 o’clock Sinatra signature, are pike-style hour and minute hands accompanied by a simple pointer for the running seconds.

The “Fly Me to the Moon” editions each feature a Miyota Caliber 8215 movement, visible through an exhibition caseback; the automatic mechanism is capable of a 42-hour power reserve.

“My Way”

The “My Way” sub-family comprises two Art Deco-influenced rectangular watches, described by the brand as “tank-style.” These include a steel model and a gold-tone version, with the steel featuring a black dial with gold-colored and white accents and the gold-tone version opting for a white dial with gold and black accents. On the dial, we see a rectangular, railroad-style minute track, with applied diagonal markers for most hours except the 3, 6, and 12 o’clock, which use Arabic numerals. At the bottom of the dial is a rectangular framed seconds subdial, while toward the top is the Sinatra signature and Bulova logo; shortened hands similar to those seen on the “Fly Me to the Moon” pass over the face.

The “My Way” watches use the Miyota Caliber 1L45 Quartz, which is protected behind a Sinatra-branded, solid steel caseback.

“Young at Heart”

The third of the new releases, called “Young at Heart,” includes two gold-tone models with either a sunray silver or brown dial. The tonneau-shaped case has faceted edges and a small fluted crown on its side. On the dial we see a simple, clean configuration, with applied Arabic numerals for each hour except the 12 o’clock, which is occupied by an image of Sinatra’s iconic fedora. Like the “Fly Me to the Moon,” this model features a 3 o’clock date window, as well as the same pike-style hour and minute hands.

The “Young at Heart” models, like the “Fly Me to the Moon,” editions, are powered by the Miyota 8215.

“The Best is Yet to Come”

The final watch in the new Sinatra collection is the appropriately named “The Best is Yet to Come.” This design includes three 40-mm round watches, two with steel cases and either double-brushed “linen” black or grey dials, and one gold-tone model with a warmer, almost cream-colored face. These models are foremost distinguished by their unusual lug shape, which contrasts with the subtle crown and the smooth curve of the case. On the dial, we find an outer dotted minute ring, with applied tick markers for the hours; a 3 o’clock date window, and the same faceted hands we saw on the previous models. At the bottom of the dial is Sinatra’s signature, here paired with the crooner’s iconic hat, while a Bulova logo balances it at the top of the dial.

“The Best is Yet to Come” watch is powered by the manually-wound Sellita SW215. When fully-wound, the mechanism features a 42-hour reserve.

The Bulova Sinatra collection ranges in price from $495 to $1,350, depending on the specific model and case material, and available this fall.

To learn more, and to inquire for purchase, you can visit Bulova’s website, here.

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  1. Adelaide Larsen

    Saw the ad on t.v last evening and was beside myself. I’m a hugh fan and seeing these watches made me so happy. I will be getting one , not sure of size for womens wrist but, I will own one. I’m one happpy fan. Adelaide.

  2. Lydia Guagenti

    Wow,love this .Have many family members whom
    Loved Mr. OLD BLUE EYES .thank you for honoring such a wonderful,artist,humanatian,
    And just a great human being. No words can express all the kindess,good will that he has
    Shared with family,friends,and strangers he meet
    Along the way who accepted his kindness and
    Good will. Thank you Bulimia watch company.

  3. The watches look good. Not bad at all.
    As famous people wear or worn very expensive brands, Frank Sinatra goes his own way.
    Why not? If the watch keep time and looking good, why not?

    Imagine if Frank was a Rolex ambassador? Or he worn all the time Patek Phillip time peaces?

  4. Lee Marsh

    Hi..interested in buying one of the Sinatra collection .Are these available yet ..thanks

  5. Sandra Irwin

    SINATRA “More” from Mondo Cane our Wedding First song in 1965. His great voice pronouced clearly every word.
    Also, my Dad’s famous photo of his Wedding to Ava Gardner and others of Frank while Dad was with NY Press Photog., PM, CBS winning many awards. Beautiful collection by BULOVA. I still have my Bulova GOLD WATCH rectangular face still winds up(no battery).

  6. william t allen

    the “Fly me to the Moon” would have been sweet with a moon phase added..but i’m goona get one anyway

  7. Sheila white

    These watches match Frank Sinatra — classy, sleek and timeless.

  8. Kenneth McDermott

    I have owned several Bulova watches great time pieces. Thank you for bringing out a selection of Sinatra watches

  9. Stephen keefe

    Sinatra I have been doing an on going project on frank sinatra since the passing away of my mother Elsie she idolized him one of her lifetime requests was to see him live in concert she actually got tickets to see him live but sadly took ill (she never did fullfill her dream) so I’m doing something for her . If you would like to donate (MY WAY WATCH) In her memory I would be ever gratefull I would like to pass something onto my family. Yours gratefully Mr stephen keefe (olblueeyes )

  10. Jay Bacik

    Remember Bulova when I was a kid in Brisbane..their ads done either by Jack Davey or Bob Dyer…both?? I couldnt afford one. Maybe now..I m 76. The best is yet to be!! Well done.

  11. Norma Aspeitia

    I love your idea to honest the great singer Frank Sinatra, my mother time, but I would like to purchase for my son.

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