Sponsored: Inside Miyota — The Craft Behind the Caliber

For all the novel aesthetics, creative use of materials, and appeal of designs in watchmaking, the heart of the craft lies with the movement of each timepiece. Quartz or mechanical, this basic fact is foundation of timekeeping in watches, and is further a reality which has helped propel Miyota, a renowned Japanese movement manufacturer, toward groundbreaking innovations since its origins in the 1950s. Today, Miyota continues this legacy of success, providing WatchTime with an inside look at some of its best mechanical creations to date.

A Sixty-Plus Year History

The origins of the manufacture date back to 1959, when that year Citizen Watch built a movement factory in the eponymous town of Miyota in Nagano, central Japan. Operating under Citizen in the years prior, the Miyota brand was officially launched in 1980, one year later with the fledgling manufacture releasing the Caliber 2035 analog quartz movement. The new mechanism quickly posted world record production figures, being followed by the larger Caliber 2000 Series in the years to come which have helped the brand create an extensive product lineup, which was followed by the Caliber 6P Series in 1989 and the Caliber 0S Chronograph Series in 1992.

In addition to its proud history of developing high quality quartz timepieces, the brand has also been continuously producing mechanical movements for over thirty years. In that time, the Cal.82 Series established itself as a de facto industry standard, while the Cal.90 Series has gained a distinct appeal for its range of ultra-thin premium mechanical movements.

The Genesis of the Cal.90 Series

The story of Miyota’s transformative Cal.90 series begins not in boardrooms, but on the engineering floors where a legacy of precision has been nurtured. Debuting with the launch of the Caliber 9015 in 2009, the launch of the series was Miyota’s bold response to a decades-long hiatus in their mechanical movement innovation, following the original launch era of the Cal.82 series.

Designed from the ground up with a vision to marry thinness with robust functionality, the Cal.90 series challenged existing norms. This was no ordinary upgrade— it was a leap towards creating a true premium mechanical caliber accessible not just to luxury brands, but to a wider market.

Taking the 90S5 as an example, Miyota was able to achieve a slim profile of 3.9mm in thickness, while maintaining the durability the brand is known for— a feat which required reimagining production techniques and precision down to the micron level. This meticulous attention to detail is what sets both the 90S5 and the wider series apart in a crowded market.

Breaking New Ground with the Caliber 9075 GMT

Fast forward to 2021, and Miyota unveiled one of their latest and most significant modern creations in the Caliber 9075. This mechanical GMT movement was designed for the true traveler, featuring a True GMT functionality that allows the hour hand to be adjusted independently— a rarity in movements available for external sale.

The creation of Caliber 9075 was about more than just adding a feature through the travel complication, but also about effortless enhancing the user experience. The movement helps cater to frequent travelers who need reliable functionality across time zones, but prefer a watch that remains elegant and slim.

Miyota — More Than a Movement

Opting for a Miyota movement, especially in the Cal.90 series, ensures a mechanism is as reliable as it is meticulously crafted. For example, as an additional option, the brand will make use of heat-blued screws which not only beautify, but further enhance the functionality of each movement. The patented technology for these screws ensures the opportunity for degradation is minimized over time, while the deep color and functionality of the parts remains vibrant for countless years to come.

As Miyota forges ahead, innovating with every year, they do so with a profound respect for their heritage and an unwavering focus on the future needs of watch enthusiasts around the globe. This journey of movement precision is not just about maintaining rigorous standards— it’s a continuous exploration of how every second can be made meaningful, a narrative that Miyota crafts with care and precision.

To learn more, visit Miyota, here.

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