TAG Heuer Launches Customer Service Web Site

Tag Heuer Web Site

TAG Heuer has launched a new comprehensive customer service website. The intuitively-designed site provides owners with a variety of important information about their timepiece, including care and use issues such as winding, cleaning, and use in water. The site also contains warranty and service information, describing in detail the operations that are performed when a watch is sent in for service.

Owners can use the site to locate local authorized agents or to arrange to send their watch directly to TAG Heuer for service. The site also presents information about care and restoration of vintage watches, a glossary, and TAG Heuer trivia. You can visit the site at www.tagheuer.com/customerservice.

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  1. Cris Gualberto

    Where can I buy an extra link for my Tag Heuer watch Model 2000 WN-2110-0 DQ3496 ?

  2. vikas

    hi I have taken tag heuer 14 months back its hour and seconds link have come off and now they have blamed me for this after I send to service center.please make sure I get fair justice for my hard earned money I had spend on tag.

  3. Very disappointed with customer service. I owned a tag heuer watch that been using for the past 23 years-it was working perfectly that it only needed battery replaced every two years. The bezel has worn out and crystal had some scratches. I wanted it to look new again, so i send it to be refurbished. They said it needed some gasket and crown, etc replaced so it would preserved its water resistance. Paid $409 and waited anxiously for two weeks until it was finally sent back. It was a blessing that there’s a 1 hour difference in time zone, so I needed the time adjusted. And what happened… THE CROWN CAME ALL THE WAY OUT! This cost $409! I’m now anxiously waiting for next business day to call them back and see what they’re response is, realizing now the bad reviews I’ve read. What an inconvenience!

  4. Skye Ferguson

    I have owned several Tag Heuer watches. After many years I sent in my Tag Heuer Link to have the band repaired because the swivel pins were worn through from wear. It came back 6 weeks later with half the links replaced (every other link) even though I only ordered 2 links (never even got a phone call), which cost me an extra $400 and I could have replaced the whole band for that total amount. Two weeks later, it broke again on one of the new links. Another 3 weeks and I got it back. This time it lasted 2 months and broke again. The dealer told me I need to buy a new band entirely, which is why it should have been replaced in the first place. It is now in a drawer forever.
    Two years ago I had an accident at work and damaged my gold Tag Heuer Link (a crane rotating slapped a chain around my wrist and would have torn my hand off if my Tag Heuer wasn’t on). I sent my trusty watch to Tag Heuer for repair. The repair center has no email and no phone for real people to follow up. I had to log in to my account, type and wait for replies. The replies were like someone did not even read them, or could not understand english. They had my watch for 6 weeks with no correspondence. After several inquiries, they finally found my watch and sent me an estimate that was $2000 more than the cost of replacing it with a new one. Not likely…I have now decided to sell all my Tag Heuer’s and be done with it. Great watches but the worst service in the world. My Rolex watches always get perfect customer service. I give up.

  5. Hello! Tthis is the # on the back of my watch. Is this a real and amazing Tag? CAC1111-o. GY1255.
    Thank YOU!!!!!!

    • Jason Francisco

      John, you should try the Tag Heuer customer service website mentioned in this article.

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