Holition: Try on 3D Virtual Watches at Home


Holition is launching the second generation of their real-time 3D virtual reality application that lets you “try on” virtual watches at home using a computer with a web cam. With Holition, your computer monitor looks like a mirror in which you can see yourself with the watch on your wrist. As you move, your image and the virtual watch move with you in real time. You can view a demo video on the Holition web site.

Holition is also available on dedicated consoles that can be placed in stores, allowing customers to try on watches the retailer does not have in stock. Holition allows shoppers to change the watch and even change aspects of the watch such as the dial color via an interactive touch-screen interface.

Holition will be demonstrating their product at Baselworld. Here are some screen shots, but I recommend using the link above to view the video demonstration to get the full effect.

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