2010: The Year in Review Quiz, Part I

2010 Year End Quiz

Have you been following the news for the past 12 months? Say goodbye to 2010 with this quiz that focuses on some of the year’s most (and least) important stories. As always, the answers appear at the end. Good luck!

Volcano watch

1. Which brand made a watch to commemorate the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano?
A. Jacob & Co.
B. BNB Concept
C. Alain Silberstein
D. Romain Jerome


Money Never Sleeps

2. Which brand was featured on the wrists of the two top stars in the movie Money Never Sleeps?
A. Jaeger-LeCoultre
C. Cartier
D. Bulgari


Global distribution

3. Who announced that beginning in 2010, its highest-quality line of timepieces, previously distributed only in its home country, would be distributed worldwide?
A. Seiko
B. Citizen
C. Ladoire
D. Svend Andersen


Movement toward bankruptcy

4. Which movement manufacturer filed for bankruptcy in 2010?
A. Soprod
B. BNB Concept
C. Progress
D. Sellita



5. Who celebrated a 50th anniversary with an ultra thin?
A. Audemars Piguet
B. Vacheron Constantin
C. Piaget
D. Jaeger-LeCoultre


Breguet Manuscript

6. Which auction house sold a Breguet manuscript for over $2 million?
A. Sotheby’s
B. Christie’s
C. Antiquorum
D. Patrizzi & Co.



7. Who is Hanhart’s new CEO?
A. Frank Müller
B. Thomas Morf
C. Fabian Krone
D. Martin Braun


Brand bankruptcy

8. Which brand filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2010?
A. Lucien Piccard
B. Wittnauer
C. Maurice Lacroix
D. Pulsar


Nicolas Hayek

9. Who took over as Chairman of Swatch Group following the death of Nicolas Hayek in June?
A. Marc A. Hayek
B. G. Nicolas “Nick” Hayek
C. Nayla Hayek
D. Thierry Stern


Who got mugged?

10. Which international business tycoon lost his wristwatch in a recent mugging?
A. Rupert Murdoch
B. Warren Buffet
C. Bernard Arnault
D. Bernie Ecclestone


Adam & Jamie

11. Whose name appeared on an airplane in a recent episode of Mythbusters?
A. Breitling
B. TAG Heuer
C. Tutima
D. Omega


College Survey

12. A survey of entering freshmen conducted by Benoit College showed that students see less and less need for:
A. Sleep
B. Low alcohol beer
C. Knowledge of grammar
D. Wristwatches


Depeche Mode

13. Which brand issued a Depeche Mode limited edition?
A. Hublot
B. Romain Jerome
C. Movado
D. Alain Silberstein



14. Who launched a watch called the Astrotourbillon?
A. Cartier
B. Panerai
C. Audemars Piguet
D. Patek Philippe


Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève winners

15. Which brand won the award for sports watch of the year at the 2010 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève?
A. Max Büsser & Friends (MB&F)
B. Audemars Piguet
C. F.P. Journe
D. Seiko





1 D
2 B
3 A
4 B
5 C
6 D
7 B
8 A
9 C
10 D
11 C
12 D
13 A
14 A
15 D

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