Watch Experts Network: ‘Tissot – 2015 Line-up’

When someone is getting himself into nice watches and wants to make the first real Swiss made watch purchase, the is a big chance that Tissot is one of those brands he or she will come across. We sat down with Tissot in Basel and I have to say that we have not been let down by them.

My own very first Swiss made watch was none other than a Tissot PRC 200 chronograph, which I bought back in 2007. I loved the black dial with the yellow chronograph hands; the size was just perfect or my 7.5” wrist too. It came on a bracelet, which I later changed to a Hirsch Golfer starting some kind of a trend among WatchUseek’s Tissot forum members who had the same watch and were looking for a strap alternative. I still have the watch to this day and it still looks very cool and classic at the same time. However this article is not about my sentimental watch purchase stories but about the 2015 Tissot novelties we had the pleasure of seeing in the awesome red booth of Tissot a few months ago.

Tissot is a so-called middle-range (even though I love the term affordable much better) brand within Swatch Group. This does not mean though that they are not worth a look, on the contrary. They are a pretty versatile group of very well made, interesting watches. But enough with the intro, let’s have a closer look at them.

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