Fratello Friday: Our Top 7 Favorite Watches from Only Watch 2015

At the 6th edition of the biennial Only Watch charity auction we will see as many as 42 unique timepieces going under the hammer. That’s nine more than in the last Only Watch auction in 2013.

Without any doubt the stainless steel Patek Philippe Grande Complication (tourbillon, minute repeater and perpetual calendar with moon-phase) with reference 5016A-010 will be the show-stopper and in a league of its own again. At the 2013 Only Watch auction the stainless steel Patek Philippe 5004T alone brought almost 60% of the total auction result (€2.950.000 of €5.066.000).

Of course the 5016A-010 in my list of favorite watches for this years auction as well. You simply can’t love watches and don’t like this watch; the reason alone that this extremely complicated watch is made in ‘simple’ stainless steel is enough for me. However which are my other favorites, and why?

This year’s above mentioned Patek Philippe entry isn’t quite an example, but I do like technical watches with uncluttered dials the most — that is, watches that impress more by their technical quality, construction, or finish than by the quantity of their functions. Kind of ‘less is more’ or ‘something is perfect if you can’t take anything away anymore (not if you can’t add anything anymore)’.

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