Watch Experts Network: ‘Geo. Graham Tourbillon – watch review by ESCAPEMENT’

Angus Davies falls for the charms of the Geo. Graham Tourbillon, a slender timepiece equipped with a micro-rotor and tourbillon. This watch reveals another side to the brand which takes its name from the legendary English clockmaker, George Graham (1673-1751).

I always find it fascinating to hear third parties describe my children. At times, I immediately recognise the person they are describing. Conversely, there are occasions when the person they mention does not sound familiar and I struggle to assimilate the person they characterise.

On reflection, this is not surprising. I have a professional persona which I present to fellow journalists and representatives from watch companies, but I also have another side to my character which chooses to behave like a fun-loving teenager, quaffing life in hearty gulps.

Graham, the Swiss watch brand, based in the watchmaking haven of La Chaux-de-Fonds, has always been synonymous with large cased, avantgarde timepieces. Moreover, the brand has gained an enviable reputation for its chronograph models, some of which are equipped with an ergonomically optimised trigger on the western flank of the case. Recently, I saw another side to this brand with the release of its achingly gorgeous Geo. Graham Tourbillon.

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