Watch Experts Network: ‘#TBT Fortis Marinemaster 8001 Chronograph’

Basel prognostications begin as early as January and start in earnest in February. One of the most discussed brands, of course, is Rolex. A quick browse of Rolex forums brings out multitudes of hypotheses about what the giant will release at the show and, then, a month or so later, the actual news is almost universally met with disappointment. While some of the hoped-for watches are plausible, I’ve seen some fairly wild ones alongside creative photoshopped images. One imaginative idea that I remember distinctly was of a Submariner chronograph or, perhaps, a Daytona diver. In actuality, the idea is not so far-fetched as there are plenty of diving chronographs and why wouldn’t Rolex, who is apt in making both styles of watch, wander down that conjoined path? Well, who knows the answer to that question, but I do at least come with a semi-plausible solution. That solution, readers, is the subject of today’s #TBT and comes in the form of the surprising, yet highly credible Fortis Marinemaster 8001 chronograph.

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