Watch Experts Network: ‘DuBois et Fils DBF003-07 – in-depth watch review by ESCAPEMENT’

A significant date

Angus Davies provides a ‘hands-on’ review of the new DuBois et fils DBF003-07. This watch features a big date complication with a visually striking bottle green dial.

Throughout history, dates have been used to label momentous events. My parents and their peers would remark, “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?”. The assassination of JFK, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, on the 22nd November 1963 was of huge historical significance and the date became etched on the minds of a generation.

The importance of two digits which denote a date should never be overlooked. A forgotten birthday can be a source of much upset. Many men have been on the wrong end of a tongue-lashing for absentmindedly forgetting an anniversary.

One or two numerals can mean so much. Sometimes a small aperture at 3 o’clock employing a sole disc seems inadequate when it comes to conveying the importance of a date. A big date, which is technically more complex, bestows more gravitas than the typical indication often found adjacent 3 o’clock.

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