Watch Experts Network: ‘DECAMP Goods Watch Rolls, an Interview’

This week, we feature an interview with the owner of a small watch goods company. I had the opportunity to meet this person on a recent trip to San Diego and was really taken by his story, his real interest in watches and, most importantly, the quality and design of his watch rolls. Erik gave me a watch roll of his own creation and it’s been my “go to” accessory during travel and, believe me, I travel a lot. We hope you enjoy this candid view from a collector.

What’s your name and where are you based?

Erik Akin and I’m from San Diego, California USA. I’ve lived here my whole life except for 5 years in Japan.

What’s your business and what type of products do you create? How did you come up with the name?

DECAMP is all about watch rolls for the collector, of late I’ve also started creating some wallets too. I had been thinking long and hard about a name that would evoke an emotion instead of something eponymous. I was out to dinner one night and gazing out the window when I saw a sign for a shop called “the camp”. “DECAMP” popped into my head almost immediately. I had a vague understanding of the word so I googled it and one part of the definition is “to leave suddenly”, which was perfect: watch rolls for the collector who has to go on a trip with short notice and can take multiple pieces with him/her. The triangular DECAMP logo was inspired by the tip of a GMT hand, which brings to mind travel as well. Whether the trip is for fun or an arduous business trip, taking along a few watches can only make it better. Also the ceremony of unraveling the watch roll to select a watch for the day is more refined than pulling a watch out of a balled up sock.

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