Sowind Group Announces Reorganization

Monica Mailander Macaluso

Sowind Group (Girard-Perregaux and Jeanrichard) has announced a management reorganization following the sudden death of Chairman Luigi Macaluso on October 27. Monica Mailander Macaluso has been appointed Chairman of the Board of the Sowind Group holding company, while the directorship and operational management have been entrusted to Stefano and Massimo Macaluso, Chairman and CEO of Sowind SA respectively.

The rest of the Board of Directors remains unchanged. Alongside Stefano and Massimo Macaluso it includes, as Vice-Chairman, Francois-Henri Pinault, the Chief Executive Officer of PPR, which, following the signature of a strategic partnership agreement in 2008, holds a 23% stake in Sowind Group. The other members are Robert Polet (Chief Executive Officer of Gucci Group) and Henry Peter.

The operational management of the Group has been entrusted to Stefano and Massimo Macaluso. Stefano, previously Vice-Chairman of the company, had assisted his father for nearly 10 years in strategy definition, product creation and development, in industrial management and in the Sales Department.

Massimo Macaluso, who has been part of the Group for 10 years and is the current Vice-Chairman, had also been actively involved alongside Luigi Macaluso in defining the Group strategy, and was responsible as Managing Director for the international development of the brand Jeanrichard.

Monica Mailander Macaluso (pictured below) declared: ‘The definition of this new organization highlights firstly the desire for continuity and the determined commitment of the family to support the technological innovation projects and the group’s commercial development. Furthermore, the newly-established management structure will guarantee the skills and resources essential with a view to international development.’

Monica Mailander Macaluso

Massimo (left) and Stefano Macaluso
Massimo and Stefano Macaluso

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