Showing at WatchTime New York 2022: The Greubel Forsey GMT Balancier Convexe

WatchTime New York 2022 is only a few days away, with the fantastic collector’s event set to make it seventh annual debut at Midtown Manhattan’s Gotham Hall. Taking place from October 21 to 23, the horological event is one of the biggest luxury watch shows of the year, bringing together enthusiasts, watchmakers, and industry professionals together under one roof to celebrate all things watches.

This year, WatchTime welcomes over 30 participating brands and from them some of the most important timepieces of the year. Among them is the haute horlogerie watchmaker Greubel Forsey, which will be showcasing one of its latest in the GMT Balancier Convexe.

With the new GMT Balancier Convexe, first unveiled at Geneva Watch Days, Greubel Forsey underscores its technical prowess by adding its signature inclined balance wheel to the design. This new GMT caliber, which is hand wound and consists of more than 400 parts, replaces all previous GMT models and is not only a technical masterpiece but also an aesthetic gem, thanks to its top-notch decorations and finishing quality.

Here it is on the wrist of Greubel Forsey’s CEO Antonio Calce:

With their penchant for superb and avant-garde GMT models, such as the the GMT Quadruple Tourbillon and GMT Sport, the duo of watchmakers dedicates their brand new calibre to the “Terrestrial Globe” that takes center stage on the dial that Greubel Forsey describe as an “amphitheater.” There is indeed plenty to watch under the signature convex shaped sapphire crystal, as this globe beautifully depicting the Earth moves in a constant 24-hour rotation, just like in real. It is framed by three rings which indicate two complementary times: hours and minutes local time, as well as universal time. 

The 24 time zones displaying universal time are set against a black background if the time indicated is at night, and on a white background during the day time. Local time is indicated on the two outer rings: one for the hours on a gray satin-finished ring, and minutes on a thin black outer ring. Each time indication boasts its own hand, which features a red triangular tip filled with luminescent material. These hands are attached to two additional rings, which are engraved with key words dear to the Atelier, to display GMT. Finally, an off-centre display at 10 o’clock indicates a second time zone with a blue gold hand. 

The beating heart of this timepiece which is crafted from titanium and has an impressive diameter of 43.5mm is likewise a spectacular sight. Once again, Greubel Forsey stuns with its level fine craftmanship. The 30° inclined balance wheel, seemingly suspended in mid-air, is held by a beautiful flat black polished and barrel polished steel balance wheel bridge on polished steel pillars. To its right, the small seconds, displayed with a blue gold hand completes the ensemble. 

The titanium bridges in the back are hand-finished with a steel brush and take on a frosted texture, a premiere at Greubel Forsey. The delicate surfaces catch the light and beautifully accentuate the globe. Greubel Forsey will only make 66 GMT Balancier Convexe timepieces, encompassing 22 per year between 2022 and 2024. Price excluding taxes is 350,000 CHF, or about $351,621 USD at time of writing.

To learn more, visit Greubel Forsey, here.

And to purchase your tickets to WatchTime New York 2022, click here.

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