Piece Time — Distinctive Watch Parts, Chapter 4: Bracelets

A watch’s design is the sum of its so-called “appearance parts:” hands, dial, crown, bracelet, et cetera. In this fourth chapter in our series on the distinctive parts of watches, we showcase some of the most popular styles of bracelets. Of course, identifying a watch solely by looking at its bracelet is a skill that will impress many of your watch-loving friends, so what are you waiting for? Check out our slideshow.

Click through the gallery below to see bracelet styles used in today’s watches. How many do you recognize?

Next week: screw shapes. Click here for last week’s chapter on the various styles of crowns and push-pieces.

If you’d like to learn more about the visual elements of watches, and other important aspects of watch design, download our Design Special 2017 from the WatchTime Shop.

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  1. Raymond Chan

    Panerai originals bracelet links wasn’t this. The center link is curve, quite like VC Overseas but bigger curve

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