Piece Time – Distinctive Watch Parts, Chapter 3: Crowns and Push-Pieces

A watch’s design is the sum of its so-called “appearance parts:” hands, dial, crown, bracelet, et cetera. In this third chapter in our series on the distinctive parts of watches, we put the spotlight on the different types of crowns and push-pieces. To many, these two components alone may suffice to classify a watch as elegant or sporty. In some instances, they pinpoint it more specifically, as a pilots’ watch, for example, or a dive watch.

Click through the gallery below to see popular types of crowns and push-pieces used in today’s watches. How many do you recognize?


Next week: Bracelets. Click here for last week’s chapter on the various styles of dials. 

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  1. Sylvio F. Bertoli

    Very interesting article summarizing the types of crowns and Push-Pieces.

  2. Michael Young

    I have deep desire to all I can about watches. I think this information will be in my future career in watch making.

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