Montegrappa Presents Pope With a Unique Pen

p150News for pen aficionados: Montegrappa presented to Pope Benedict XVI a Montegrappa N.S. Virgen de Guadalupe Pen. The gift commemorates his first visit to Mexico, while also celebrating the first 100 years of the Montegrappa brand. The pen is an exclusive Montegrappa creation, crafted this year to mark the 480th anniversary of the appearance of the patron saint of Mexico and Latin America, Our Lady of Guadalupe, on the hill known as Cerro del Tepeyac.

Made out of sterling silver and a pearlised green resin, the Montegrappa N.S. Virgen de Guadalupe Limited Edition Pen feeds its supply of ink through a solid 18K gold nib. The top of the cap is a representation of the old Guadalupe Basilica, and is made from sterling silver, using a die-casting technique, with a cross that is made from gold through an electroplating process, protected by a clear lacquer coat finishing. The Virgin’s aura is attained with golden foil applications, with red and green ceramic accents on her mantle. The watermarked and etched designs making up the churches, the borders and the pen’s frame have been outlined with a carefully applied and unique type of ink.

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