Sponsored: Artem Sailcloth Straps Offers Unmatched Comfort and Superior Versatility, Including in Latest “Loop-Less” Design

Earlier this year, Australia-Based Artem made its debut on WatchTime, introducing to our readers its trendsetting, next generation of sailcloth straps. Ever since, the brand and its impressive range of straps have only grown in popularity, trending on forums and garnering increasing attention for its traditional pin-and-buckle options as well as its more contemporary deployant-clasp offerings. As a result, this month we’re once again looking at Artem’s offerings, going hands-on with some of its most popular styles and introducing its latest “Loop-Less” design.

Artem Straps: The Next Generation of Sailcloth

For those unfamiliar with Artem, the story of the brand begins in Adelaide, a coastal city in South Australia, where two friends passionate about watches and wanting to match their collections with the best straps available embarked on a journey to make that happen. The result, after an extensive R&D program and many sleepless nights, was the creation of the Artem brand and furthermore the next generation of sailcloth straps, each differentiated from the stiff traditional offerings in the category by their supreme comfort and almost zero break-in period.

With an expansive catalog filled with color, size, and clasp options to suit every taste and watch, Artem has become more than just a brand alone. More so, Artem is a state of mind, as embodied in the company motto “Ars est celare Artem” (“True art conceals the means by which it is achieved”). This means that Artem products represent both the artisanal and the technical, with fine engineering and meticulous creativity joining to match the uncompromising expectations of the brand and its enthusiasts for comfort and utility.

Unmatched Comfort on the Wrist

What you’ll quickly note when first wearing an Artem sailcloth strap is not only incredible comfort from the first wear, but also its good looks and versatility on the wrist.

On the first point — that is, comfort — the straps quickly make apparent their ability to stand up to the Artem’s claim to an almost-zero break-in period and right-away ease of wear. Whereas most other sailcloth straps are more of an afterthought by retailers than a serious consideration, Artem clearly focuses on the style, and through this emphasis presents incredible value to enthusiasts in the most pliable and easy-to-wear sailcloth straps yet.

That this obvious attention to quality and great wearability are the two defining features of Artem’s straps on the wrist is by design. Much of the company’s creation sprang from the brand’s founders looking to bring new life to the historical sailcloth style, paying it as much attention as others have given to other traditional “summer” watch strap styles like rubber, tropical options, NATOs, and Perlons. As a result, Artem, disappointed by the relatively stiff and poor-quality options on the contemporary market, recognized the opportunity and sought to change that, filling a gap for enthusiasts of the beloved summertime strap, and in effect introducing the next generation of sailcloth that we find here.

Superior Versatility in Wear

In addition to comfort, the Artem sailcloth straps we reviewed were also remarkably versatile, in both their wear and style, and furthermore by the host of options they offer. We reviewed three straps, including versions with grey, white, or black stitching, each of which perfectly paired with arange of sports-watch models. With quick release and standard spring-bar choices, changing the straps was quick and painless whether our test watch had drilled lug holes or not. Further, with the choice of a deployant or standard clasp for the straps, the versatility and appeal of the sailcloth range only increased.

Currently, Artem offers many different sizes for its sailcloth straps to fit almost all modern sport watch lugs widths as well as Apple Watch-compatible options, each available with the choice of either standard or quick-change spring bars. The straps are available with black, grey, or white stitching, with standard pin-and-buckle clasps or the choice of three deployant styles, including one inspired by Richard Mille.

New “Loop-Less” Design

While Artem is making a name for itself for its sailcloth straps’ unmatched quality and comfort, the brand has simultaneously continued in expanding its impressive range. Most recently, Artem introduced the latest addition to its catalog, a new “Loop-Less” sailcloth watch strap, its look inspired by Omega’s historic canvas style of strap (above).

The new “Loop-Less” line will feature all those elements that are known as unique to Artem’s sailcloth — including wearability in water, attention to detail, fantastic craftsmanship, comfort, and more — but are foremost differentiated by their reinforced holes and their absence of strap keepers, making them perfect canvases for the brand’s deployant clasp options.

Price and Availability

Artem’s next-generation range of sailcloth straps is available now via the brand’s online boutique. Pricing begins at $85 for standard spring bars and at $98 for quick-release options, while the new “Loop-Less” straps are marked at $133 with the deployant clasp options starting at $68.

To learn more, visit Artem, here.

Special thanks to our photographers, @mracekproductions, @thekeylessworks@watch.gilles@h0p1a, and @watchddicted.

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