Sponsored: Australia-Based Artem Presents the Next Generation of Sailcloth Straps

The story of Artem begins in the heart of Adelaide, a coastal city in South Australia where two friends, passionate about watches and wanting to create the best straps to pair with them, embarked on a journey which would produce the genesis of the modern brand.

Who isn’t familiar with traditional “summer” watch strap styles like rubber, tropic options, NATOs, and even Perlons? Yet sailcloth, another no less impressive and historic style, often goes under the radar. Artem, disappointed by the relatively stiff and poor-quality options on the contemporary market, recognized the opportunity and sought to change that, filling a gap for enthusiasts of the beloved summertime strap, and in effect introducing the next generation of sailcloth.

The Next Generation of Sailcloth

What separates Artem straps from sailcloth-style straps developed by other brands comes down to quality and wearability. Artem straps are supremely comfortable, having an almost zero break-in period from the first wear.

The incredible comfort of the straps is a product of an extensive R&D program and many sleepless nights, the results of which were the creation of the Artem brand and the concept behind its superb straps. Whereas sailcloth straps offered by most retailers are more of an afterthought than a serious consideration, Artem focuses clearly on the style, in effect working to present incredible value to enthusiasts in the most pliable and easy-to-wear sailcloth strap yet.

Find the Right Size and Color for Your Watch

Each Artem sailcloth strap is not only incredibly comfortable from the first wear, but furthermore highly attractive on the wrist. And with color choices including black, grey, white, blue, and red stitching, in addition to various width and lengths options, there is a perfect sailcloth option to fit every watch.

Take these size and color options and pair them with a suavely tapered style, padded on the wrist and flexible in its fit, all in addition to superb water resistance in its wear, and you find an unmatched quality sailcloth strap that is unique to the brand.

Artem – More than Just Straps

Artem is not only a brand; it’s a state of mind, embodied in the company motto, “Ars est celare Artem” (“true art conceals the means by which it is achieved”). The philosophy is simple: firstly, Artem products represent the artisan, and secondly, fine engineering defines the functionality. Artem sailcloth watch straps are designed and tested to ensure the highest level of comfort and functionality, without compromise.

Artem is led by two watch enthusiasts looking to make the perfect straps for their own collections. This love of watches and the straps that accompany them has driven the brand forward, inspiring the creation of its excellent sailcloth straps. Furthermore, this passion for watches informs Artem’s excellent customer service, an experience that is uncommonly personalized, with the brand actively open to suggestions and communication with its clients. As a result, Artem in a short period of time has developed a reputation of going above and beyond when it comes to handling customer inquiries and feedback.

Price and Availability

Artem’s next-generation range of sailcloth straps is available now via the brand’s online boutique. Pricing begins at $85 for standard spring bars and at $98 for quick-release options.

To learn more, visit Artem here.

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