Detroit-Based Shinola Releases New Limited-Edition Runwell Watches

shinolablue2150Just in time for Father’s Day, the Detroit-based watch brand Shinola, which we profiled in the December 2012 issue of WatchTime, will be rolling out new styles of its Runwell watch, a limited edition that proved to be a hit for the newly launched brand, selling out within a week on its website. Tomorrow, June 7th, Shinola will launch several new dial and strap combinations in different colors, three of which are pictured below.

In addition to watches, Shinola also sells leather accessories, journals with paper from sustainable forests, and handmade bicycles, all crafted in Detroit. More info on these products, along with all of Shinola’s new Runwell watches, can be found at


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  1. Doug B.

    I was very interested to find out recently that fine watches are being produced here in the US and in Detroit of all places. I haven’t had a nice watch for years as I’ve come to rely on my cell phone for keeping track of the time as many have. I want to get back to the style of a fine watch and Shinola looks like a good place to start.

  2. roy jones jr

    While I’m glad the US still have watch companies that sells watches people want to buy, it is confusing to me how the city of Detroit is reeling in turmoil and Shinola is able to survive there. I would have thought they moved their business to a different state or city that isn’t corrupt.

  3. When will the gray dial be available, believe I saw one on hodinkee

  4. funkright

    If there’d been an auto in the group I woulda bought, but of the ones I looked at online they’re all quartz :(

  5. Dr Gonzo

    i was very excited when i got email to say they were available went to web site all gone ,i suppose restricting supply increases demand

    • Brian Ambrozy

      Hi Dr. Gonzo.

      We definitely don’t restrict supply. We’ve launched a brand-new factory, built from the ground up, just a year ago. It takes time to ramp up production at this scale. We’re making extremely high-quality timepieces, and that takes time. More will be available soon. Thank you!

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