Buben and Zorweg’s Grand Collector Inbuilt

p150Buben and Zorweg, a company specializing in watch winders and display cases, has released their newest piece, the Grand Collector Inbuilt. Designed to be a discreet storage case, the Grand Collector Inbuilt can be integrated into spaces such as walk-in wardrobes and safe rooms. The doors of the case can be tinted glass, or a two-way mirror, which becomes transparent when the interior lights are on. The case features a Buben & Zorweg clock at the top and offers a choice of either 26 Time Mover winders and three drawers or 44 Time Movers. To keep the watches safe, the top and bottom portions use code-operated electronic locks.

The two-way mirror doors: on the right, the lights are off, making the interior invisible.

To see more high-security watch safes, read about Döttling’s recently introduced Liberty Barcelona safe.

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