Sponsored: Unlike Any Other, Artem Introduces NATO Style Straps

Since the brand’s launch in mid-2021, Australian-based Artem has been consistently impressing the market with its appealing line of strap offerings. At first, this was in its signature, next-generation of sailcloth straps, but not long after the brand— upon excited and positive feedback from its growing list of fans— expanded its offerings in both appealing colors and novel, loop-less designs. This season, we once more turn to the growing brand for its latest, now in its new range of NATO style straps.

The new style of straps includes seven unique colorways, each meeting the brand’s stringent quality and performance criteria. The construction of the NATO style options is where their success resides, opting for a high-grade polyamide nylon which, until now, has almost exclusively been found via in-house options from major luxury watchmakers. Distinguished from the more common seatbelt style nylon most often used for NATO styles straps, Artem’s polyamide straps lay true on the wrist, with little opportunity for chafing, and with incredible durability over time.

In addition to its seamless nylon construction, the stainless-steel hardware Artem has opted to use in its NATO style straps further adds to their appeal. The polished look of the steel matches the slight sheen of the nylon, with the placement of the hardware smartly avoiding the underside of the strap for an even more comfortable fit on the wrist. The combination of this fine design, use of materials, and refined workmanship together all help make clear just how Artem is garnering such positive attention and is undoubtedly differentiating itself from other strap makers.

Of the seven new colorways available, Artem has opted for classic and popular options, three taking inspiration from classic James Bond inspired styles, another from an uncommon yet particularly appealing Speedmaster look, and the last three featuring a straightforward, all-black, grey, or navy aesthetic.

Of the spy-influenced straps, the brand is offering the black, grey, and beige striped “NTTD,” the black and grey five striped “Bond,” and the blue, grey, and red striped “Commander.” These three come in addition to the simple black, and notably bold black and orange-stripped editions. On the wrist, each of the color options not only look fantastic with the varying bright or under-the-radar aesthetics, but wear excellently and comfortably in a manner essentially unseen at this price point.

As for specifics, each of Artem’s current NATO style strap offerings measure 20mm in width, approximately 303mm in length, and approximately 1.4 to 1.5mm in thickness depending on the area measured. As mentioned, they each feature a polyamide nylon construction in the traditional NATO style, with stainless steel hardware, including a removable buckle, and two fixed and one floating keeper.

Pricing for Artem’s new line of NATO Style Straps is marked at $63 USD, with each available now directly through the brand’s online store.

To learn more about Artem and its new line, you can visit the brand, here.

Photos courtesy of @mracekproductions, @dearartifact, @mancwatches, and @faceless_watches.

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