Sponsored: Artem Delivers with Its New Classic Navy Blue Sailcloth Straps

Australia-Based Artem is no longer a stranger to us here at WatchTime, with the brand since mid-2021 consistently introducing and expanding upon its signature next-generation of sailcloth straps. This month, Artem once more returns to our pages, now expanding its esteemed collection of sailcloth watch straps in a new navy blue colorway, and once more injecting serious intrigue into its signature design.

If you’re unfamiliar with Artem’s range of straps, you should firstly visit our last two posts on the brand, the first where we introduced its range, and the second where we took a look at its first major expansion since its debut. The brand in a short period of time has made a name for itself for the quality of its straps, with them notably distinguished from traditional stiff sailcloth via their supreme comfort, fantastic durability, and minimal break-in period.

Currently, Artem offers a diverse range of options within its catalogue, with most of its straps opting for a classic black colorway with a diversity of stitch color accenting. The range includes Classic, PAM Style, and Loop-Less designs, each differing via their style of stitching and use (or lack of use) of a tang buckle, with the Loop-Less sailcloth straps in particular designed to pair with the brands suave offerings of deployant clasps.

The new navy blue colorway uses Artem’s flagship design in its Classic, with the wonderful hue applied to the supple yet highly resilient sailcloth and providing it with a new, slightly bright sense of cool to the original black. Available with either a matching navy stitching or delightfully contrasting white, the navy color pairs excellently with almost every watch just the same as the original black colorway, this largely as a result of its stunning azure shade which can look almost black or beautifully vivid depending on the lighting and angles.  

The new navy blue colorway came as a result of Artem’s close relationship with its fans, with enthusiasts of the brand looking to equip their sports watches with subtle touch of color. Artem listened and soon after delivered in the navy blue option, with the new straps quickly receiving a warm reception. More than just a solid new color option, the straps showcase the brand’s acute ear to its growing community and furthermore its ability to quickly respond to the matching growing demand for its products.

Like previous offerings from Artem, the new Classic Navy Blue Sailcloth Strap is available in three length options, including XS, Standard, and XL. As of writing, each length is available only at the popular 20mm lug width, with a greater variety of lug width options to be made available later this year.

Pricing for Artem’s Classic Navy Blue Sailcloth Straps begins at $85 USD for the standard length with standard spring bars, with pricing marked slightly higher if you opt for the XS and XL options, or for a different spring bar type, including quick release and “fat” bars.

To learn more about Artem and its new Classic Navy Blue Sailcloth Straps, you can visit the brand, here.

Photos courtesy of @watchddicted, @mracekproductions, @thekeylessworks, and @watchcalvin.

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  1. Please make available the black strap with blue stitches. You used to have this in your collection but not any more. Hope you can make provision soonest possible or make a provision where I could request for it.

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