Waves and Stars: De Bethune Launches DB28xs Starry Seas

Can a watch be very recognizable yet still mark a new chapter for a brand? With the new De Bethune DB28xs Starry Seas, we can answer that question with a firm yes. As part of the DB28 collection, it features movable lugs and a dial design that aligns with, for example, the DB28 XP Starry Sky. The first major difference is the size. Where the DB28 XP Starry Sky measures 43mm in diameter, the DB28xs Starry Seas is only 38.7mm. Combined with its titanium case and thickness of just 7.4mm, it makes for a very agile watch.

It also gives the DB28xs Starry Seas a sense of elegance without becoming fragile. This is further amplified by the ring with minute markers and Roman numerals, enclosing a sea of guilloche. Where De Bethune made quite a name for itself with beautiful blue dials representing the night sky with stars in it, now these stars reflect on water. To create this effect, De Bethune made a dial from blued titanium with a random guilloche pattern in it, a world’s first. The are crafted from white gold and applied on the dial, creating a stunning backdrop over which the hour and minute hand glide.

The movement is also enriched with typical De Bethune inventions, like the self-regulating twin barrels, which give the DB28xs Starry Seas a power reserve of six days. The balance spring with a flat terminal curve was patented by De Bethune in 2006, and the titanium balance with white gold inserts in 2016, offering optimum performance for temperature differences and air movement. Needless to say that De Bethune paid as much attention to the technical performance of caliber DB2005 as it does to its finishing, which is superb.

The finishing touch is brought by the strap, which is not only made from alligator leather on the outside but also features a lining of the same material. This further enhances the wearing comfort of the DB28xs Starry Seas, which is bound to attract an even broader group of watch enthusiasts to De Bethune than ever before. The price of the DB28xs Starry Seas is $90,000

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  1. Gerry Dimatos

    Lovely watch..
    There is a bit of “Ming” in this design somehow…

  2. Lou Fraser

    Incorrect description in article: “This is further amplified by the ring with minute markers and Roman numerals”. The numerals, in the picture, are Arabic not Roman numerals.

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