Four Guilty Pleasure Watches to Celebrate Summer With

Summertime often coincides with vacation time, and life usually takes a different pace and direction then. For many of us, we get to live like we want to, even if it’s only for a little while. Unfortunately, at some point reality kicks in and you have to return to the rigors of every day. But what if we found a way to stay in vacation mode just a little bit longer by indulging in a guilty pleasure watch instead?

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional

Nothing says vacation like laying with an oversized dive watch beside a pool. For that matter, it is hard to beat the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional. Developed during the Five Deeps Expedition in 2019, it can withstand water pressure at a depth of 20,000 ft/6,000 meters and meets the ISO standard for saturation divers’ watches. With a diameter of 45.5 mm and a thickness of 18.1 mm, nobody will overlook your watch. While it is a virtual overkill in capabilities for even an established sports diver, this Omega Seamaster oozes a coolness that is hard to deny. Pricing is marked at $13,600.

For more info, visit Omega, here.

Jaquet Droz Rolling Stones Automaton

Remember the days of cassette tapes playing in the car on the way to the vacation destination? Those days are gone, but the music remains. Jaquet Droz might have the perfect watch to celebrate those road trips, as they use their expertise in making automatons to create a timepiece in tribute to the Rolling Stones. They created a dial that includes a miniature band setup and a spinning record that shows some of the Stones’ album covers. If you order one, you even get to choose which album covers you want on the watch. The watch is priced at CHF 250,000.

For more info, visit Jaquet Droz, here.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze

A watch that is suitable for those who may celebrate their vacation on a boat is the Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull. Inspired by the Jolly Roger, crossed bones and skulls, this watch channels the inner pirate in you, like a modern-day Jack Sparrow. While this Bell & Ross model looks quite untouched when new, the salt atmosphere of sailing the seven seas will soon change that as the bronze exterior oxidizes in a unique way. Despite its menacing look, it is a fun piece, as the jaw drops when you wind the watch. Expect quite a similar response when people see you wear this Bell & Ross, because if there ever was a statement piece, this is it. Pricing is marked at $11,400.

For more info, visit Bell & Ross, here.

Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

The trend of ‘Tiffany Blue’ dials has circulated through watchmaking, and their extreme popularity is certainly justified by the cool aesthetic they speak to. The Patek Philippe Nautilus is the only version that can directly claim this color, as this one was made in collaboration with the famous jeweler, but other brands, like Rolex, have launched watches with a similar hue. They command steep prices, but there is a more budget-friendly alternative that is also a great vacation watch: Tissot’s PRX Powermatic 80. Like the Nautilus, it has an integrated bracelet and a sporty chic look. Through the sapphire insert in the caseback, you also get to admire the Powermatic 80 movement. It can hardly come as a surprise that it offers a generous 80-hour power reserve. However, with a watch looking as cool as this Tissot, would you take it off for so long, even on vacation? Retail is marked at $725.

For more info, visit Tissot, here.

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