Martin Braun Hyperion and Kephalos


For 2009 Martin Braun introduces 2 new models. The Hyperion is a 44mm diameter flying minute tourbillon with retrograde moon phase and date displays. The similarly-sized Kephalos Heliozentric combines a multitude of complications including an annual calendar with retrograde date, plus day, month, position of the Earth in its orbit around the Sun, Equation of Time, and a 24 day/night display.

Martin Braun names his creations after figures from Greek mythology. Earlier models include the Eos (2001), Boreas (2003), Astraios (2005) and Kephalos (2008). For 2009 Martin adds a tourbillon to his collection and it bears the fittingly impressive name Hyperion. This piece incorporates Braun’s own retrograde moon phase that has the moon moving to each phase step by step. Upon reaching full or new moon, the disc begins to turn backwards. Braun claims that this is most precise adjustable moon phase on the market, accurate for 122 ½ years.

The Hyperion is housed in Martin Braun’s signature case, measuring 44 mm in diameter and 14.5 mm thick. The coin-edge case band is a Braun trademark. Inside is manual winding 21 jewel Caliber MAB 108 measuring 33.4 x 5.3 mm and beating at 18,000 vph. This manual-winding flying tourbillon has 193 components and offers a 60 hour power reserve.


The original Kephalos debuted in 2008 and included Braun’s then-new retrograde moon phase. This new model features a different mix of complications, including Martin’s first annual calendar, with a retrograde date display. Also on board is Martin’s unique Heliozentric astronomical complication which shows the Earth’s position relative to the Sun. The Kephalos also incorporates the signature complication from Martin’s early days, the equation of time. This complication indicates the difference between mean and solar time. A small hand traces an arc across the scale that measures a difference of up to +/- 16 minutes relative to the mean time shown by the hour and minute hands. The classic Martin Braun case houses Caliber MAB 88 beating at 28,800 vph.

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