Light Makes Might: Citizen Unveils Promaster Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Divers

Japanese watchmaker Citizen has once again added to its popular Promaster collection, this time with two new GPS-equipped dive watches. The two models, dubbed Promaster Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200m, are the world’s watches to combine light-powered timekeeping, GPS satellite capabilities, and a 200-meter depth diving function, according to the brand. All these elements come together to produce a hardy, practical dive watch ready for adventure. The models arrive as a follow-up to the Promaster Nighthawk from this past summer and Promaster Sky, launched in the spring, which received quite a bit of attention for its attention-grabbing dial.

The new models are offered in two colorways, one in black DLC-and-blue, the other in metal-and-green; otherwise, both use the same technologies and overall design scheme. The watches feature large 47-mm x 15.6-mm titanium cases treated with a material called Duratect, which the brand claims helps the already sturdy titanium to become even harder and more resistant to impacts. On the right side of the case is a screw-down crown used to set the time, date, and GPS functionality, while at the 2 and 4 o’clock positions we find pushers that are used not to operate a chronograph, but to set the the watch’s “dive mode.” The special mode is activated when both pushers are pressed simultaneously, and in this mode, all functions except time display are halted to prevent any erroneous changes to the watch’s setting during dives. The final feature on the case is, of course, the essential unidirectional diving bezel, which uses an enlarged, modern-style font for its 60-minute scale.

Underneath the sapphire crystal, we find the colorful sunray dial in both colorways. On its outer edges, the dial has printed the world’s eight most famous diving locations — Sharm El Sheikh, Maldives, Phuket, Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, Hawaii, Galapagos, and Fernando de Noronha — which were included as part of a partnership between Citizen and Tripadvisor, and which work to showcase the travel-versatility brought on by the GPS functionality of the new watch. The dial’s large applied hour markers match the chunkier style of the partially skeletonized hour and minute hands, while an oblong window showcases the date at the 3 o’clock position. The day and power reserve indication are combined in an outlined subdial toward the bottom left; the latter display indicates the amount of light the model has taken in to power its features, and will prevent the dive mode from being activated if the watch isn’t sufficiently charged.

Inside the titanium case of the Promaster Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200m is the Cal. F158 Eco-Drive movement, which among its various features includes GPS functionality, solar powering, and a 7-year running time when fully charged. As the new watch’s name implies, the movement is protected via a solid caseback that contributes to the Promaster’s 200-meter water-resistance rating.

The two new watches are slated to be available this fall, with the blue-dialed model retailing for $1,395 and the green-dialed version priced slightly lower, at $1,350.

To learn more and inquire for purchase, visit Citizen’s website, here.

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  1. The Aqualand 1 and 2 were great watches
    I have owned 1 of each. The designer(s) showed great creativity in creating these master pieces. Sadly that creative ingeneius is lacking in the modern Citizen watch designs. You guys need to create something legendary again.

  2. Don’t you guys ever have anything critical to say in a review? Like the absurdly massive size of this thing, or the t-rex like hands? This reads like a sponsored post…

  3. Mark joseph Ridgard

    Hour, minute & second hands are way to short… It amazes how it got the green light for production. Ridiculous…. Fail Citizen…

  4. Roy Kozey

    why do they say colorways instead of just saying it’s a watch with a blue face.

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