Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2

Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 is a mechanical chronograph with GMT function, especially developed for use in the most extreme environments, and it is viewed at the heir to one of JLC’s iconic watches, the 1958 Chronomètre Geophysic. The Extreme LAB 2 chronograph incorporates a patented digital jumping minutes counter, an easy to use function selector, and innovative magnetic shielding, making it the watch of choice when the going gets tough.

Starting on the outside, the case is made of light and extremely resistant TiVan15 titanium alloy and outfitted with a scratchproof high-tech zirconium ceramic bezel. Specially designed, easy to use push buttons guarantee failure free use, even when wearing gloves, and an innovative interchangeable strap system with double pin buckle makes changing straps fast, easy and safe.

The function selector is activated by pushing the crown, and the current position is indicated on the dial. This system controls three functions: watch winding in the first position, adjusting the GMT-function and the date after pushing once, and time setting after a second push. Giving a third push returns the system to its first position in which the crown is decoupled from the gear train of the watch and only allows winding the watch. This system eliminates any need to pull the crown out and so protects the watch from intrusions of dust and dirt, with help from a double-gasket system.

While the time is being set, the seconds hand doesn’t stop, so timekeeping precision is not affected. However if the watch has to be set to a timing signal, the user simply operates the slider located on the left side of the case. By sliding it up and then pressing it, the seconds hand stops, and upon releasing, starts again. This double sliding-pushing function prevents the slider from being activated accidentally.

The state of the power reserve can be observed through a newly patented, intuitive and clearly visible semicircular radial power reserve indication surrounding the upper half of the dial. If the power reserve nears its end, the red color will fill the half circle. After winding, it returns to black, clearly indicating the state of the winding barrel. The designers chose this unique and large display to allow for one glance monitoring of the state of the movement even under inclement weather conditions or use in twilight.

For better readability at a glance, the stop-minutes counter is designed as follows: at 12 o’clock a window shows a patented jumping digital minute counter for clear readability of the chronograph function. It uses an instant jumping mechanism that is activated precisely at the point the seconds hand passes the zero-mark. The central stop-seconds hand shows the seconds passing in a traditional way. Whereas the chronograph’s hour counter runs in the same sub dial as does the small permanent seconds – as indicator for a properly working movement.

As a tradition for Jaeger-LeCoultre movements, the second time zone – the home time – is indicated by a second hour hand from the center, with a 24-hour indication at the 6 o’clock position. It can be adjusted through the crown after pushing the function selector twice and then turning the crown to set the hour hand. A non-magnetic escapement that ensures the protection of the most sensitive part of the watch movement to magnetic influences: silicium, the material of choice when it comes to shielding an escapement. In addition to its antimagnetic properties, it also offers many advantages such as not requiring oil, low running friction, high precision and lightness.

A second version of the Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 offers an 18 carat red gold chassis to hold the TiVan15 watch case. This model’s Caliber 780 movement does not include the anti-magnetic properties found in the Caliber 781, described above.

The full TiVan15 version with Caliber 781 movement lists for $53,700. The pink gold version is priced at $67,400. Additional technical information appears below the images, which may be enlarged with a click.

Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2
Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2

Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2: Technical Characteristics

Mechanical automatic Calibres 780 und 781, developed and manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre
Parts: 569 (Calibre 780), 566 (Calibre 781),
Diameter: 33.8 millimeters,
Height: 9.8 millimeters,
Power Reserve: 60 hours with one barrel,
Base plate made of nickel,
Antimagnetic up to 240 Gauss (Calibre 781),
Test: Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 1000 hours test

Hours, minutes, and small second’s hand (as function indication),
Second time zone (with 24 hours counter) adjustable in hour-steps, date,
Independent second’s stop,
Function selector,
Chronograph with digital minute display,
Semicircular radial power reserve indication

Digital jumping minute counter with two discs,
Central second’s hand,
Accuracy: up to 1/8 of a second,
Counting up to 24 hours,
Column wheel mechanism,
Vertical clutch system,
Two pushbuttons with rubber-covered, L-shaped security arms

Function selector:
Ceramic crown with integrated pushbutton to select three functions via column wheel:
1) winding; 2) setting of date and second time zone; 3) setting the time

Beat rate: 28,800 half-beats per hour,
Large balance wheel with a moment of inertia of 1.5 mg cm2 and variable inertia screws,
Balance bridge: fixed to two support points, stud held by two screws,
Protection device for limitation of the hairspring movement,
Escapement made of amagnetic silicium (Calibre 781)

Automatic winding:
Unidirectional automatic winding to up to 60 hours of power reserve, depicted by semicircular
radial power reserve indication,
Rotor: mounted on lubrication free ceramic ball bearings,
Shape: rotor mass made of platinum, held by three arms

Dual-Ring-Case: Sandwich structured case with carrier-chassis and movement container,
Components: 143,
Black zirconium ceramic bezel,
Sapphire glass on front and back,
Zirconium-ceramic crown,
Movement-container made of TiVan15 (exclusively used by Jaeger-LeCoultre),
Chassis materials: TiVan15 (Calibre 781) or 18 carat red gold (Calibre 780),
Diameter: 46.8 millimeters,
Height: 16.5 millimeters,
Pushbuttons with L-shaped security arms and rubber cover

Dial and Hands:
Open worked dial with bridges in black PVD coating and different areas highlighting specific
Luminescent indexes,
Newly formed skeleton hands,
Hands antimagnetic (Calibre 781)

Strap and buckle:
Double Alligator leather strap,
New integrated system to change the bracelet,
New adjustable double pin buckle fixed in two positions,
Strap secured through two attachment points with further adjustment in three positions

TiVan15 version (Calibre 781): Q203T470
Red gold version (Calibre 780): Q2032470

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