Adults Only: Perrelet’s Erotic Dial Limited Editions

Perrelet Turbine Erotica 2The themes of Perrelet’s previous limited-edition Turbine watches have ranged from patriotism to auto racing to the Chinese Year of the Dragon; its latest are targeted to more, shall we say, prurient interests: the Turbine Erotic collection, which feature decidedly adult illustrations behind the spinning, dial-side rotors.

So-called erotic watches — which feature bawdy images on their dials — have been around at least 200 years, and remain an obsession among some collectors. Perrelet’s venture into this niche focuses on a very specific genre called hentai, a racy style of Japanese manga aimed at adults.

Each of the four dials features a different miniature hentai painting, executed primarily in black and white with just a touch of red. What gives these watches a sense of voyeurism is the design of the dial. As with all Turbine watches, the image on the dial is partially obscured behind the “turbine blades” of the rotor (as shown below) and becomes visible only when the wearer shakes his wrist and starts the rotor spinning. The effect is almost like watching the flickering image of an old stag film.

Perrelet Turbine Erotic Dial 2 with rotor

The watches all contain Perrelet’s automatic P-181 movement, with its exclusive double rotor winding system. Each of the quartet is available in a 44-mm case of either titanium or black-DLC-coated stainless steel, with anti-glare sapphire crystals front and back. They are mounted on black rubber straps with folding clasps of DLC-coated steel. Each of the four variations is limited to 88 pieces, priced at $6,150. You can scroll down (unless you are easily offended) to see the pictures on the four dials, minus the turbine rotor.

Perrelet Turbine Erotic Dial 1
Perrelet Turbine Erotic Dial 2
Perrelet Turbine Erotic Dial 3
Perrelet Turbine Erotic Dial 4

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  1. I’m seriously worried by the comments here regarding the subject matter. If anyone had taken the time to research Swiss watch history, you would have found that mechanical watches with moving characters simulating erotic acts was the norm during the Puritan times in Geneva. Such watches are now worth a small fortune in the collectors market so please be advised, this ain’t new!

  2. (as my last comment will probably not be published here)
    I see this as just another vision of mechanical beauty…
    To say more, a very CLEVER vision – liked very much the solution used by Perrelet to show
    4 different images in a watch dial.
    Very good to see mechanical watches are surviving (and doing it very well!) in a (bored) virtual/digital world…

  3. Robinoz

    It looks like a watch I would have appreciated at 19 and gotten over by age 21. Good for a laugh with the guys at the pub, but not suitable to wear to work.

    Each to their own.

  4. James from Down Under (no pun intended)

    Interesting to see a modern take on an old favourite of mine. I first saw, what I call “Pornograph” watches, in a market in Hungary, and my wife and I bought a couple for a laugh. We even sought out some more on our return trip a few years later. They have hand painted enamel dials with swiss hand wound movements, and keep good time. The seconds hand represents a certain male part and moves on the dial (a little like the arm on a Chairman Mao watch). Watch Time might like to run something about the origin of these watches in conjunction with this story in print.

    I’ve worn it numerous times and always receive great comments on it in the office, in fact some of the more prudent people are fascinated by it, and everyone has a good laugh. It’s a great conversation starter out at a dinner party, and a way for me to indulge in some watch talk with others.

    While possibly not for printing in a children’s magazine, I wouldn’t expect there to be too many under 16 year olds flicking through the pages of Watch Time, and if you haven’t been to many art galleries lately, then maybe visit a few, you’d be surprised at the number of so called “Pornographic” pieces on display under the guise of modern art.

    With what I read on Facebook written by 15 year olds, these images are VERY TAME!!!!


  5. Michael A

    yes its a watch magazine, guess what, those are watches!

    People are so narrow minded, go back to 1950

    where can I buy one? :)

  6. I have to agree with Ron wholeheartedly. I am a huge fan of Watchtime Magazine and an even bigger fan of watches. This is pretty tasteless and I also hope it is shortlived on the Watchtime site and does not appear in print.

  7. Dear Mark,

    I’m very surprised that I would see this type of pornography ever displayed on a WatchTime webpage. I am hoping that it does not make the actual print magazine. Who ever with the amount of money needed would ever purchase something so tasteless like this? Why would someone ever want something so tacky as two cartoon characters having sex on their watch is beyond me.

    I’ve been buying WatchTime magazine since 2008 when I first noticed it at an airport shop. I love the magazine, but if garbage like this shows up, then I will not be buying the magazine anymore.

    For the sake of your readers and WatchTime’s reputation, I think it would be best to replace this article with something more civilized. A watch like this should advertised in Hustler or Penthouse and not a watch magazine.



    • MrTissot

      Hi Ron and Bacari,

      I doubt very much that Watchtime Magazine has intentions of getting this to print. I would be very surprised like yourselves! They appear on this site and that’s probably as far as they will go. Afterall, they are limited editions and I’m sure Perrelet will have no shortage of customers to take up the offers. They are also a novelty and definitely a conversation starter and will sell without much advertising not only because they are limited, but also because ‘Sex Sells’. Even though an animated version of a breast or breasts are seen on these watches and there is no genitalia showing the actions are quite clear.

      On another note I am also a watch fanatic and my children love seeing me wear and enjoy my watches which I will someday hope to pass onto them. I would definitely not be comfortable with them seeing one of these on my wrist.


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