Montblanc Introduces Summit Lite Smartwatch With New Active-Lifestyle Apps

Montblanc dipped its toe into the luxury-smartwatch pool as early as 2015 with its first “e-strap” accessory (I review the strap and the watch it came with here) and plunged in fully with the launch of the first Summit models in 2017. Last year, Montblanc upped the high-tech ante with the Summit 2+, the first in its category with direct cellular connectivity, allowing wearers to stay connected even when separated from their smartphones. For 2021, the brand rolls out the Summit Lite, an aluminum-cased model updated with apps for fitness, athletic performance, and general well-being.

The “Lite” in Summit Lite refers not to a reduced array of utility but to the actual lightness of its case, an amalgam of recycled aluminum and stainless steel and finished in either matte black or silver-gray. The case measures 43 mm and is paired with either a textile or rubber strap for a total of four different variations. The case is water-resistant to 50 meters and features a 1.9″ AMOLED display, customizable for a variety of multifunctional faces (including an analog style based on Montblanc’s current mechanical collections), on a crystal made of tough, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, a mainstay element of smartphone and tablet screens.

Like its predecessors, the Summit Lite has technology and software powered by Google’s Wear OS. making it compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and giving the watch access to the entire Google ecosystem of apps and services. For this latest generation of its smartwatch, however, Montblanc has also added a new array of proprietary apps, based on proven algorithms, intended for active users.

These include a Cardio Coach app that offers workout recommendations based on current fitness levels as well as live coaching advice; a Body Energy app that tracks mental and physical exhaustion by incorporating date on sleep, activity and stress level; a Sleep tracker that measures length and quality of sleep phases and gives personalized recommendations on improvements; and a Stress app that offers the wearer proactive prompts to do breathing exercises during stressful periods.

The Montblanc Summit Lite is available as of April 22, 2021, and priced at $860. Citing its sustainability goals, Montblanc uses 100 percent recycled aluminum for the packaging.

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